Why Customize 1:1 Pipe Bending Tools To Customer’s Actual Tubing?


Standard tube bending tools for general pipe bending machines include bend die, clamp die, pressure die. Wiper die and mandrel are optional.

Many customers will not understand why I need to send the actual samples to make the pipe bender total tools when I have already provided the pipe specs. It’s a hassle to send an international courier, and it takes days.

In fact, this is not a special requirement for our factory, but the default requirement of the entire pipe bender industry. The main reason for this is that there will be errors, more or less, between the actual and theoretical design dimensions of the metal pipe fittings.

Give two examples and you’ll understand.

tube bending tools

Scenario 1. stainless steel pipe, theoretically requires a diameter of 10mm, but the stainless steel pipe manufacturer produces a pipe that may only have a diameter of 9.55mm, creating an error of 0.45mm between them.

If we design the tube bending tools according to the theoretical size of 10mm, the mold/die is large, it will lead to pipe slippage, clamping is not firm, ultimately leading to the bending of the pipe creases and other problems, the mold is also invalid, neither can be achieved bending, but also a waste of time and money. The mold had to be redesigned because the clamped mold was too large to be resized.

Scenario 2. stainless steel pipe, theoretically required diameter is 10mm, but the stainless steel pipe manufacturer produces a larger diameter, which becomes 10.55mm, and there is still an error of 0.45mm between these.

If we design the pipe bending tools based on the theoretical size 10mm, it will cause the mold to be small, unable to clamp the pipe, in this case, you can go to enlarge the mold but will waste time. Moreover, the molds are hardened and heat-treated, and if the molds are hardened, it is necessary to anneal the molds first, then go to the lathe to process the dimensions, which adds a lot of work.

Now you get it, right? So hurry up and arrange your sample tubes.


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