What Should You Pay Attention To When Using a Pipe Bending Machine For The First Time?

pipe bending machine operation

1.Before starting the pipe bending machine, it should be checked 

  • Whether the oil tank is filled with hydraulic oil? 
  • Is the capacity of the hydraulic oil up to the standard position?
  • Is the hydraulic station water-cooled or air-cooled? 
  • Water-cooled refrigeration needs to be connected to a water pipe, and air-cooled does not need to be connected to a water pipe, but it is necessary to check whether the air-cooled motor can be turned on normally? 
  • Does the fan work? 
  • Are the oil ports loose?
  • Is there any oil leakage in the oil circuit interface? 
  • Are the lubricating oil filling points of each slider guide rail short of oil? 
  • Are the connection points or screws of each mechanical movement mechanism loose? 
  • Are the anti-touch devices effective and reliable?

2. Start the hydraulic oil station system of the tube bending machine again, is there any noise? 

Is the motor running in the correct direction? If it is not correct, the electrician will need to adjust the wiring sequence of the three-phase power supply.  

Is the hydraulic system oil pressure within the normal range? If the oil pressure is too high, it will damage the hydraulic components. If the oil pressure of the hydraulic system is too low, the pipe bending machine will not work properly.

3. According to the drawing requirements of the product, select the pipe with the appropriate diameter and length, and set each bending parameter and bending angle parameter on the operation screen first.

4. Then adjust the mechanical position, length, angle and other positions of each mold and auxiliary pusher on the pipe bending machine according to the drawing.

5. According to the stroke of the feeding carriage, adjust the position of the limit switch, and adjust the fastening bolts of each guide rail so that it can press the pre-bent pipe.

6. According to the parameters on the drawing, adjust the cylinder of the clamping die to compress the pre-bent pipe tightly.

7. After the pre-bent pipe is adjusted to the appropriate position of each mold and auxiliary push fixture, you can try the specific operation of the test bending. Step onto the foot switch to operate the machine for bending operation.

8. When an abnormal phenomenon occurs in the bending process, please press the emergency stop button to stop the operation, analyze the cause of the failure, and then perform the next operation until the pipe fittings can be bent normally. Or the pipe bending machine has a potential safety hazard after inspection, or the system itself is faulty, and the manufacturer needs to be invited to perform on-site maintenance.

9. After the test bending is completed, check whether the product meet the requirements specified in the drawings. If the requirements specified in the drawings are met, the trial is successful, and the next stage of work can be carried out.


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