What Is A Twin Head Double Head Pipe Bender


The single-head pipe bending machine can only bend one radius at a time, while the twin head pipe bender can bend both ends of the pipe at the same time, which is especially suitable for symmetrical pipe bending. They are usually used to bend car seat frames, motorcycle bumpers, furniture frames, with high production efficiency. It can bend a round tube or square tube, and can also bend aluminum profile.


1. Analysis of advantages and disadvantages:


  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Double-axis synchronous work, good for the symmetrical job.
  • Can bend 2-4 pieces at a time, high efficiency


  • Unable to bend very large diameter pipes
  • Cannot achieve mandrel bending
  • Cannot achieve complex bending requirements

2. Bending principle

The double head pipe bending process is called “rolling bending”, the principle is that the bending die remains stationary, and the bending wheel along the center of the bending die to do a circular motion, so that the pipe will deform. This bending process has limitations for the selection of pipe sizes and is more suitable for small diameter pipe. The tube bending molds can be designed to bend 2-4 tubes simultaneously.  According to our experience, when the pipe diameter is over 25mm, we design the mold to bend 1 piece at one time; when the pipe diameter is within 16-25mm, we design the mold to bend 2 pieces at one time; when the diameter is under 16mm, we design the mold to bend 3 pieces at one time.

The below photo shows the principle and bending tools design.


3. Classification

The double head pipe bending machine mainly includes the hydraulic type and servo automatic type.

Here we’ll focus on telling you more about servo CNC twin head pipe bender.

CNC twin head bender is a servo-motor-controlled double-headed pipe bender, the bending wheel rotation, and the head opening center to center length is controlled by servo motor.

Compared with the hydraulic double-headed pipe bending machine, the servo-motor-controlled double-headed pipe bending machine has below features:

  • Mitsubishi PLC control, there are manual, automatic, semi-circulation, full-circulation for users to choose, simple operation.
  • Due to the servo drive, the bending angle is completely digitized and can be adjusted at will on the screen. The center-to-center lengths are adjustable.
  • High production efficiency. To complete a rectangular mirror frame,  a single-head CNC pipe bender needs to bend 4 times, a hydraulic twin head bender has to be bent twice. While a CNC twin head pipe bender only needs one time to complete.
  • Optional automatic feeding and unloading mechanism (customized machine), also can be equipped with industrial robot feeding and unloading.


At present, in the United States, there is a better solution, that is, the clamping and rotating are also controlled by a servo motor, so that the pipes can be bent at any angle in space. However, this technology has not yet been realized in China.

Now let’s take a look at the working videos of these three double-headed pipe benders. Believe that after watching, you will have a deeper understanding of the double-headed pipe bender.


hydraulic twin head pipe bender

CNC twin head pipe bender

Advanced CNC twin head bender in the USA and other developed countries


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