Tube End Forming Machinery

tube end forming machinery

The tube end forming machine can perform flaring, expanding, shrinking,reducing,beading, etc on the metal tube ends. It is controlled by the integrated NC control or PLC control to complete each action and realize automatic control. For different shapes, just change the corresponding forming tools, and clamping dies to complete the entire tube end forming process. It is widely used in the processing of automotive fuel pipes, water pipes, air conditioning pipes, and other connecting parts forming.


The workflow of pipe forming machine

  1. Loading and positioning: use manual or automatic loading device to put the pipe into the clamping die, and position it through the positioning cylinder.
  2. Clamping: Clamp the workpiece by the clamping device. (The clamping die is divided into upper and lower parts)
  3. Stamping: The forming tool is pushed by the stamping cylinder for forming. After the work is finished, the oil cylinders are reset.


Tube forming machine is composed of mechanical part, control part, and auxiliary part.

  • Mechanical part: including the frame, clamping unit, tube end forming unit.

The clamping unit includes an upper clamping die and a lower clamping die. The tube end forming unit includes a die and a die locking device,which is connected with the die and operates together with the die.

  • Auxiliary parts: including oil tank, cylinders (main cylinder, clamping cylinder, tool shifting cylinder, axial positioning cylinder), valves, switches, and axial positioning contactors and other parts.
  • Control part: through the control of auxiliary parts and then control the mechanical part of the action.


There are single station, double station and multi-station molds for pipe end forming machines. The single station only hit one time, cycle time is faster. If the processing shape is complex, a double-station or multi-station mold is required. HIPPO has exclusive advantages in mold design, if you have any needs, please contact us at



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