Tube Bending Drawing Oil

bend drawing oil

Bend oil is also called bend drawing oil, which is the lubricating oil used in all kinds of draw bending processes. As an auxiliary material, its cost is low, however it plays an important role. Some people who do not realize the importance of drawing oil will buy some random oil and use it as bending oil, which is actually a big misunderstanding.

In fact, the role of bending drawing oil is far from so simple, professional bending oil will perform an extreme pressure test, this is to test whether the drawing oil has good extreme pressure resistance. Bend processing lubrication state, is a mixture of fluid lubrication and boundary lubrication coexist. 

If only mineral oil is used, the strength of the oil film cannot meet the requirements, and the oil film is easily broken, which will cause metal-to-metal contact and cause sintering. The extreme pressure agent will produce chemical or physical adsorption, forming a solid lubricating film on the metal surface, so that the lubricating performance can be improved. Especially when the temperature of the friction surface rises to a certain temperature, the molecular arrangement of the oily extreme pressure agent adsorption film will be destroyed and the lubricating effect will be lost.

At this time, the boundary lubricant film covering the two metal surfaces disappears, resulting in direct contact between the metals. As the direct contact area increases, the friction energy increases, which leads to an increase in temperature. As a result, the so-called sintering phenomenon is prone to occur. In this case, in order to achieve the purpose of preventing direct contact between the two metal surfaces even if the temperature rises, the additive used is an extreme pressure agent.

The extreme pressure agent is a boundary lubricating film that is chemically changed by the high temperature generated on the friction interface, generates shear force on the friction metal surface, and can play an effective protective role. 

So, not ordinary lubricants can be used, you must use drawing oil with extreme pressure, so that the bends will not burst, and there will be no pulling scars.

A good bending drawing oil can protect the die, reduce wear, ensure the accuracy of the workpiece, and increase the surface finish of the product. Especially when your product quality requirement is high, you must find a professional bending drawing oil.


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