Tips Of Choosing A Circular Saw Machine

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Looking for a Circular Saw Machine? Here are the tips of what to look for.


The variety of circular saw machines available on the market today are vast and finding the exact one that meets your needs can be difficult, so we’ve put together this article on circular saw machines to help you in your selection.

A reliable industrial saw is not only crucial to the profit of your business going forward but also affects the operating efficiency and pipe consumption, which is very important for any enterprise.


Basically there are mainly the following types of metal circular sawing machines.


  •  Manual circular saw

Feeding, clamping, and cutting are all manual operations, mainly for some occasions where cutting requirements are not high, efficiency requirements are not high, and the cutting volume is not large.



  • Pneumatic semi-automatic circular saw

Manual feeding, clamping & cutting are all automated operations, mainly for some occasions where efficiency is high, cutting accuracy is not high, and the cutting volume is relatively large. Suitable for smaller pipes.



  • Hydraulic semi-automatic circular saw

Manual feeding, clamping & cutting are all automated operations, mainly for some occasions where efficiency is high, cutting accuracy is not high, and the cutting volume is relatively large. Suitable for larger pipes


  • Fully automatic circular saw

Feeding, clamping, and cutting are all automatic operations, and one person can operate 2-3 machines. It is mainly for some occasions with high-efficiency requirements, certain cutting accuracy requirements, and large cutting volume.



Follow the hippo team to explore what factors should be considered when purchasing a circular saw machine.


(1) Choose the model according to the cutting material, shape, size, and thickness of the material, straight cut, or bevel cut at 45 degrees.
  • Material: If you are cutting ferrous metals, such as iron pipes, carbon steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, galvanized pipes, etc., you can use ordinary pipe cutting machines. If you are cutting non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum and copper, you need a special aluminum cutting machine.
  • Shape: For different shapes, such as round tubes, square tubes, bars, or special shapes, the diameter and thickness of the processed materials are different, then the machine power required would be different.
  • Cutting degree: With the same circular saw, the max cutting ability for 45° cut and 90° cut is different. Because when the 45-degree cutting is performed, the cross-section of the pipe is larger, and the cutting ability naturally decreases.


(2) Determined according to the accuracy requirements or quality requirements of the cutting

Generally speaking, if you don’t have special requirements for cutting accuracy, and your volume is not very large, then for relatively small iron pipes, you can choose manual or low-power semi-automatic pipe cutting machines. But if the required cutting precision is high, the output is large, and the size of the cutting material is large or thick, then we must consider a fully automatic pipe cutting machine or at least a high-power semi-automatic hydraulic pipe cutting machine.


(3) After the type and model of the pipe cutting machine are determined, how to measure the quality of the pipe cutting machine?

We should focus on the below factors.

  1. Stability: The stability of the metal circular saw will affect its life. Pay attention to observe whether the machine is jittery when it is working and whether there is any abnormality. Better to choose the circular saw machine constructed with thick solid steel or cast-iron. The more stable, the more durable, the more precise in cutting.
  2. Cutting speed: When sawing metal materials, you should pay attention to the sawing speed, not too fast or too slow. The speed of the pipe cutter with good quality should be exactly the same.
  3. Whether there is noise during cutting: carefully listen to the sound of the pipe cutter during sawing, if the sound is harsh, be careful.
  4. Sawing effect: The burrs after sawing should be consistent.
  5. Saw blade: Making the right decision as to what band saw machine to purchase is important but so too is your choice of blades – a factor that sometimes is overlooked. Does the supplier provide high-quality saw blades? The price of the pipe cutter is visible, but the saw blade is a consumable part. If you have a large volume, you are destined to consume a lot of saw blades. This is a hidden cost that must be considered. A good saw blade is more durable and will help save more costs.
  6. Coolant: Better to choose a circular saw machine with a coolant system, it will spray coolant onto the material automatically to avoid heat build-up allowing for a more accurate cut and to preserve the life of your blade.


Finally, you will inevitably encounter problems in use. Whether the manufacturer can provide a timely solution is particularly important. This is also an important factor that users need to consider when purchasing a pipe cutting machine.


Here at Hippo Machinery, we have a large selection of circular saws, provide you with feasible suggestions and prices, email us, and we’ll let you know more information about pipe cutting machines.


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