Some Information You Should Know Before Choosing Pipe Bending Machine

choose pipe bending machine

Performing bend calculations before bending is essential and sometimes tedious during the bending process. Some system developers have created a tool to help customers calculate the product parameters, but it is equally important to understand why your calculations need to be correct.

Before you start bending, you need to calculate a few important pieces of information.

In order to bend, the pipe bending machine must have sufficient bending arm torque to overcome the section modulus of the material. If the bender machine does not have enough torque, the bend will not be permanent, or the material will deform. This is why it is important to calculate the section modulus as well as the torque to perform the bending correctly.

Material composition is also important because it determines the deformation of the tube material beyond a given material’s modulus of elasticity and the material’s yield strength.

Some of the information you should know before trying to calculate include the pipe outer diameter, wall thickness, and centerline radius. With these data, we will analyze the product to be processed, the bend angle, and the bent shape of each pipe to determine the suitable machine model. 

Many customers reported that they purchased equipment that did not meet their own bending requirements. 

A common problem is that bending capabilities are limited and bending precision is required. 

In fact, these problems can be avoided entirely if you are well prepared. 

When choosing pipe bending equipment, most customers first consider the cost budget but ignore whether the equipment can really meet the requirements of different pipes in the process of upgrading and product replacement. Only by making adequate preparations, we can obtain the ideal equipment and save a lot of unnecessary troubles for future processing and production.



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