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Small CNC Tube Bender

Hippo small CNC tube bender adopts rotary bending technology, which is specially designed to bend small diameter pipes, such as brake pipes, refrigeration parts, and fuel pipes, with a maximum bending diameter of 15mm.

Some parts in the automotive and healthcare industries are so precise that they must be made of pipes with very small diameters. When bending such small diameter pipes, attention should be paid to the bending accuracy and wrinkles, and the thickness reduction must be controlled. 

Although HIPPO small CNC tube bender is small in size, it has powerful technology, it maintains the rigidity required for the bending process. Our small CNC tube bender is very flexible and fast when bending, it can guarantee perfect repeatability and bending accuracy, it is a great choice to help you overcome the small pipes bending challenges.

small cnc tube bender

Hippo small CNC tube bender has two-axis, three-axis, and multi-axis for your choice.

We can bend products with a fixed radius, and the optional double-stack design can bend two different radii pipes.

What’s more,  mandrel bending and an automatic feeding device can be added to the machine.


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