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HIPPO is determined to offer convenient and reliable services to you. Apart from creating high-performance tube processing machines we also provide after-sale services if required. Contact us if you have any questions!

Machinery Trials

You can request a machine performance trial before buying. This trial procedure will allow an opportunity to better recognize the machine for the specific desired application. HIPPO invites all of our customers to send us illustrations of your pipes. We will send a sample of the finished products after carefully evaluating your requirements. 

Maintenance Guide

To preserve the exceptional performance of the machine requires regular maintenance and service. Along with a quality machine, we also guide you regarding the accurate method to take its proper care. With our experience and knowledge, we have devised a maintenance guide to describe the proper way and steps to follow to sustain the genuine high-quality functionality of the machine, it would also prevent damages and errors.

Spare Parts

We also deal with essential spare parts required in case of any mechanical failure or damages. We can have these parts ready to ship in a 7-day duration, whenever required. We offer high-quality spare parts, compatible with incredible functionality. You can acquire HSS saw blades, aluminum cutting saw blades, hydraulic cylinders, sealing rings, the whole set of bending tools and dies including, bending die, clamping die, pressure dies, wiper die, different kinds of mandrels. Contact our sales team in case you require any of these spare parts. 


We are determined to help our customers in any way possible. Our experienced and proficient technician staff provides installation support, so you can start production promptly and reliably using your new tube fabricating machine right away. 

Anyone who bought our machines can also contact our staff to request our installation services anytime readily after receiving the machines. You can get installation assistance for different types of machines. 

Before installation support, you should prepare some fundamental tools like hydraulic oil, cables, lubricant, rulers and air compressors, etc. It will help the installation process go smoothly and take less time to be finalized.

Our installation protocol stands on four vital steps/pillars:  filling in the machine tank with hydraulic oil, attaching the cables, inspecting all-tube networks and initiating the machine.



All through the warranty duration, we cover damage repair for your machine and spare parts, if it meets the maintenance services terms and conditions and the limited spare parts warranty terms and conditions as well.

If any of your machine spare parts are damaged, of course in the warranty duration we will provide the significant part for free to you. If you can’t deal with the issue yourself HIPPO will request the local dealer to help and repair your machine. You can request damages cover by contacting our customer service staff.

Our experienced and talented tech staff is well-prepared to assist the diagnostic process.

All Inquiries

For all service inquires, please fill out the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and make sure you have an amazing experience with us.