About the scaffodling end forming

Scaffolding industry

Scaffolding is a kind of support set up to ensure the operation and horizontal transportation of construction personnel. It is widely used in the construction industry, advertising industry, municipal engineering, traffic road and bridge, mining, and other fields. Scaffold steel pipe is generally used Φ For Q235B/Q195 welded steel pipe with 48mm and 3.5mm wall thickness, the quality of scaffold affects the smooth progress of construction and the safety of operators and relates to the improvement of project quality, construction progress, and economic benefits.

Hippo Machinery tube end forming machine is reasonable in design, convenient in operation, stable and reliable, which can help you realize the connection between tubes. We can also customize the automatic scaffold production line for you according to your actual needs, realizing automatic cutting, automatic chamfering, automatic loading and unloading.

Project 1-Scaffolding Joint Pin

Scaffolding coupler or scaffolding clamp is the main part of the tubular scaffolding system, it plays a fasten and connection functions in system. Simple structure and big loading power, make couplers easier and widely used on construction project. Scaffolding couplers include swivel and fixed coupler, forged and pressed coupler, etc. Different couplers have their own unique characteristics and be used in different construction situations.

Raw pipe is 42x3mm Q235 steel pipe, reduce pipe two ends to 40.5mm, and make the beading & chamfering

scaffolding tube beading end forming (2)

Project 2-Scaffolding Frame

Raw pipe is 2 meter long 42×1.5mm Q235 steel pipe, reduce one end to 38mm, and make the beading & chamfering