Safety Precautions In The Bending Process of Large Capacity NC Pipe Bending Machine

heavy-duty large capacity tube bending machine

The large hydraulic NC pipe bending machine has a large model and strong bending ability. It can bend large-diameter pipes with high-pressure hydraulic transmission. Generally, a curved tube can be bent from a diameter of 70 mm to a diameter of 130 mm. The material includes carbon steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, aluminum pipe, copper pipe and so on.

Compared with the small pipe bending machine, the work efficiency and bending speed of the large pipe bending machine must be much slower. However, due to the strong kinetic energy, operators should be extra careful when producing and processing elbow fittings, the staff should always pay attention to the movement of the pipe fittings to avoid touching people.

When the large-capacity pipe bending equipment fails, the power supply must be cut off for inspection and maintenance.


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