TM30-II Tube End Forming Machine

TM30 tube end forming machine is ideal for expanding, beading, and flaring the ends of copper and stainless steel parts for automotive exhausts, furniture, air conditioning, refrigeration, and other industries.

Tooling is designed around customer’s drawings or sample workpieces, 1 station, 2 stations, or multi-station can be customized to process operations.


Max processing tube diameterΦ30mm
Max forming length80mm
Rated output of main oil cylinder5T
Oil pump power4kw
Working pressure12mpa
Machine size1400*700*1400mm



  • Capacity 30mm O.D. tube
  • All hydraulic, ram, and clamp cylinder
  • Adopt the NC control system, touch screen, easy to operate.
  • Adopt a hydraulic cylinder to control tools shifting accurately and stably, the precision is as high as ± 0.015, accurate and stable.
  • High precision linear guide rail is adopted for propulsion, which is stable
  • High-performance imported hydraulic valve elements are used for mold change. Simple tool change and setting
  • Equipped with a hydraulic cooling system to ensure long-term stable operation under high temperature
  • Mobile foot switch has two functions of start and emergency stop

Forming tube samples for reference

TM30 tube end forming machine samples

Machine pictures

TM30-II tube end forming machine TM30-II ram tube end former








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