SB75NC Stainless Steel Pipe Bender

Semi-automatic NC pipe bending machines are designed as alternatives to CNC pipe bending machines with a lower cost than CNC models. It will help you to reach your target in the most economical way on pipe and tube bending works.

It uses a single-chip NC unit to control the running. The feeding and rotation are positioned by manual, the bending is controlled by a hydraulic cylinder. Suitable to bend simple bend parts or simple multi-plane parts with medium volume.

We can use it for bending various materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, carbon steel, etc.

Control systemNC unit
Max bending capabilityΦ75x3mm
Bending radius50~300mm
Bending angle0~195°
Valid mandrel length3300mm
Bending speed25°/sec
Bending accuracy±0.15°
Main motor power7.5Kw
System hydraulic pressure14MPa
Cooling systemwater cooling



  • Integrated body, welded with high-strength steel plate, sturdy structure, providing maximum operating space.
  • Equipped with the single-chip microcomputer NC control system, English display on screen, easy and convenient operation, flexible setting
  • With manual control, half-cycle control, full automatic control and other functions, overload automatic protection.
  • Hydraulic cylinder control bending, clamping and auxiliary pushing and mandrel extraction
  • The bending arm adopts imported silent high-intensity rack and pinion transmission, powerful and stable
  • The throttle valve is installed on the main cylinder of the bending arm to control the flow to adjust the bending speed.
  • The bending angle is controlled by an encoder, with an accuracy of ±0.15°
  • Mandrel bend and non-mandrel bend can be set as required;
  • Automatically detect machine failures and operation failures.
  • It can store multiple sets of processing modes, and flexibly switch between programs of different specifications.
  • It can count automatically, with automatic protection function in case of power failure, and data can be saved.
  • Water cooling system, quickly cool down, ensure the equipment to work stably under high temperature for a long time
  • Electrical components adopt Schneider of France, strong performance, good stability, and long service life
  • Mobile footswitch with start and emergency stop functions for more protection




Standard tools: bending die, clamping die, pressure die.

bending tools

Optional tools: wiper die, mandrel to effectively control the deformation and wrinkling of the processed pipe during bending. Bending without a mandrel is relatively simple. Generally, a tube with a small diameter, such as a 6-8 mm tube, which has more support on its own, it is not necessary to use a mandrel, and the ellipticity is within 5% of the tube’s outer diameter. Some galvanized pipes and iron pipes with large bending radius and thick walls can also be made without mandrels. However, for thin-walled pipes with small bending radius and large diameter, a mandrel should be used to support the inner wall of the pipe to prevent its cross-section from turning oval and wrinkling at the inner side.


Tools material: mainly selected according to the pipe material and the bending difficulty. Common materials are 45#, Cr12, industrial nylon, 42MrMo, copper. Generally, we use 42MrMo,it’s vacuum quenched, the surface is nitrided, and the hardness of the mold surface is not less than HRC55 to ensure the wear resistance of the mold.

Tools size: customized according to the bending radius of different pipes.



Why our machine?

  • With Lower Cost,Most Economical Way
    It’s an alternative to CNC pipe bender, very cost-effective.
  • Bend Different Materials, Different Shapes
    Stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, or aluminum profile, angle steel, round pipe, square tube, oval tube, rectangular tube, all available.
  • Simple Operation
    All equipment actions are controlled by the NC unit, the operation interface is simple to set up and easy to operate. The tool changeover time is short.
  • Perfect Bends With No Wrinkles
    Our expertise will guide us to control the bending speed and select the appropriate bending tools to prevent the tube from cracking, wrinkling and severe deformation




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