SB38CNC-TDR-4A Exhaust Pipe Bender

This model is an IPC controlled fully automatic CNC pipe bending machine, which can automatically bend, automatically feed, and automatically rotate the pipe. The four axes of feeding, rotatingbendingleft-right shifting mold are precisely controlled by Mitsubishi servo motors.

Applicable materials: steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, iron pipes, aluminum pipes, copper pipes, titanium pipes, galvanized pipes, etc.

Especially suitable for the processing of pipe fittings with many spatial angles and high precision requirements. Such as: production of automobile fuel pipes, air conditioning pipes, headrests, motorcycles and bicycle frames etc.

Control systemIPC control
Max bending capacityΦ38x2mm
Bending radius25~150mm
Bending angle0~195°
Max effective mandrel length2000mm
Bending speed90°/sec(can be adjusted)
Bending accuracy±0.15°
Bending servo motor power3500w
Feeding speed200~1000mm/sec(can be adjusted)
Feeding accuracy±0.2mm
Feeding servo motor power1000w
Rotating speed300°/sec
Rotating accuracy±0.15°
Rotating servo motor power400w
Left-right shifting servo motor power750w
Total power8KW
System hydraulic pressure12MPa
Cooling systemwater cooling



  • Feeding/rotating/bending/tool left-right shifting four axes controlled by servo motor, high precision achieves ±05-0.1mm, with strong performance and good stability
  • The system can display the coordinate positions of X, Y, and Z axes in real-time. It has X, Z two-axis detection, and alarm functions. It has the function of product quantity statistics and working hours statistics, which is convenient for production management.
  • PLC touch screen, human-machine interactive operation, easy to understand. The touch screen can be switched between Chinese and English. Other languages ​​can also be customized;
  • It has the function of automatically detecting errors and faults. When any abnormal action or any danger occurs, the machine will immediately stop and issue an alarm to help the operator eliminate the fault;
  • The linear transmission part of the feeding part is composed of imported high-precision ball screw and high-quality wear-resistant linear guide rail, which ensures the accuracy of feeding and the sufficient service life of the machine.
  • The bending arm adopts imported high-strength silent chain transmission, controlled by oil cylinder, which ensures the power of the bending pipe is abundant.
  • The hydraulic system mainly uses imported brands. The hydraulic circuit has cooling and speed adjustment devices, which are powerful, stable, and durable.
  • High-pressure vane pump with sufficient flow, high efficiency, and stable performance
  • Water cooling system is provided, which is convenient for users to control the oil temperature and ensure the equipment to work stably under high temperatures for a long time.
  • Mobile foot switch has start and emergency stop functions
  • Quality bending with wiper, mandrel, and other systems.



Standard tools: bending die, clamping die, pressure die.

bending tools

Optional tools: wiper die, mandrel to effectively control the deformation and wrinkling of the processed pipe during bending. Bending without a mandrel is relatively simple. Generally, a tube with a small diameter, such as a 6-8 mm tube, which has more support on its own, it is not necessary to use a mandrel, and the ellipticity is within 5% of the tube’s outer diameter. Some galvanized pipes and iron pipes with large bending radius and thick walls can also be made without mandrels. However, for thin-walled pipes with small bending radius and large diameter, a mandrel should be used to support the inner wall of the pipe to prevent its cross-section from turning oval and wrinkling at the inner side.


Tools material: mainly selected according to the pipe material and the bending difficulty. Common materials are 45#, Cr12, industrial nylon, 42MrMo, copper. Generally, we use 42MrMo,it’s vacuum quenched, the surface is nitrided, and the hardness of the mold surface is not less than HRC55 to ensure the wear resistance of the mold.

Tools size: customized according to the bending radius of different pipes.


Why our machine?

  • Perfectly Tailored To Your Needs

We can use different technologies to bend pipes according to different applications and provide you with customized equipment.

*Industrial PC (assorted with touch-screen display, capable of bending simulation, 3D preview and interference detection)

*Multi radius, multi-stack

*Auto loading and unloading

*Combined with other mechanisms, like welding detection,push bending, punching, cutting.

  • Perfect Bends With No Wrinkles

Our expertise will guide us to control the bending speed and select the appropriate bending tools to prevent the tube from cracking, wrinkling and severe deformation

  • Precision And Repeatable Bends

All parameters are saved in the workpiece program. When repeating a job, you only need to install the tools and choose from the saved program, no mechanical adjustments are required. This provides the best repeatability.




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