SB15CNC-LR-4A Left and Right Car Headest Tube Bending Machine

SB15CNC-LR-4A tube bending machine is designed to be bi-directional meaning that it can change bending direction on the fly from LH to RH,avoid interference of the tube hitting the machine, tooling or floor during the part forming process,especially suitable for complex parts and shapes of small diameter pipe,small bend radius pipe,such as car headrest,fuel lines, heating and cooling systems.


This machine has no clamping device, no assist pushing device, no mandrel bending support, the structure is simple. It can be bent to the left or to the right, very flexible and the processing speed is also faster than the single-head CNC pipe bending machine, so it is getting more and more popular in the market.

Control systemPLC control
Max bending capability (mild steel)Φ15×2 mm
Bending radius1.5D-2.0D or customized
Bending angle-190°~190°
Max effective mandrel length1200mm
Bending speed280°/sec(can be adjusted)
Bending accuracy±0.1°
Bending servo motor power2000W
Feeding speed900mm/sec(can be adjusted)
Feeding accuracy±0.1mm
Feeding servo motor power1000w
Rotating speed720°/sec(can be adjusted)
Rotating accuracy±0.1°
Rotating servo motor power200w
Mold shifting speed180mm/sec
Mold shifting accuracy±0.1 mm
Mold shifting servo motor power750W
System hydraulic pressure4MPa
Machine size2400×750×1300mm




  • Left and Right tube bending capabilities in the same cycle
  • The feeding, rotating,bending,tooling left-right shifting 4 axis are controlled by servo motors.
  • The linear drive parts of the feeding part are composed of imported high-precision ball screw and high-quality wear-resistant linear guide, which ensures the accuracy.
  • The machine adopts a toothed chain drive with servo reducer imported from Taiwan to ensure that the bending power is abundant and achieve high precision bending.
  • The hydraulic system mainly adopts imported brand, the hydraulic circuit has cooling, speed adjustment and other devices; strong and powerful, stable and durable.
  • Easy programming, using human interface dialog operation, all parameters can be entered through the touch screen; and equipped with a USB port, data can be entered through USB.
  • Integrated loading/unloading systems can also be added.



Why our machine?

1.Maximum Flexibility, Minimal Interference.
Suitable for complex parts and shapes,such as car headrest, fuel lines, heating and cooling systems.

2.MITSUBISHI Servo Motors Controlled, High Precision
The feeding, rotating, bending, tooling left-right shifting 4 axis are controlled by MITSUBISHI servo motors, which ensures the bending precision is high.

3.PLC Touch Screen, Easy Programming
All parameters can be entered through the touch screen; very easy set up




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