MC-450 Circular Saw Blade Sharpening Machine

In order to solve the problems of difficult and inconvenient grinding of the user’s saw blade and improve the utilization rate of the saw blade, we independently developed and produced this high-speed steel circular saw blade grinding machine based on foreign advanced technology, which greatly improved the use cost and efficiency of the circular saw blade. It has the feature of automatic tooth grinding, automatic tooth opening, automatic tooth repair, automatic chamfering.

Saw blade outer diameter50-450mm
PitchMax 25mm
Tooth depthMax 8mm
Saw blade thicknessMax 8mm
Cutting angle-5~30
Feeding speed45-180 teeth/minute
Grinding wheel diameter75-150mm
Grinding wheel speed4200rpm
The drive motor1/2HP
Grinding wheel motor3/4HP
Machine weight150kg
Machine size800x800x1410mm


  • Professional grinding machine, more accurate grinding, more efficient work
  • no spark when grinding
  • no deformation of saw blade
  • fast speed
  • All cast irons of the machine are ball graphite cast iron (fcd-45) to ensure accuracy and increase wear resistance.
  • All the adjustment rods are carefully arranged to change the cutting angle, tooth shape and tooth depth of the saw teeth according to different chip requirements, so as to easily grind out a sharp saw blade.
  • use variable speed pulleys without segments. Therefore, the required speed can be adjusted with the change of pitch.
  • the grinding wheel head can swing up and down, so the chamfering can be easily grinded without replacing the grinding wheel.
  • the change of saw blade thickness can be easily adjusted, and a gauge can be used to see the adjusted thickness.
  • adjusted by a tooth height difference control button, the tooth shape with height difference can be grinded at the same time.
  • the transmission part is driven by the grinding wheel motor and the structure to achieve a reliable and safe transmission.
  • the end of the feed pawl has superhard tungsten carbide, which can minimize the wear of the feed pawl, so as to achieve accurate feed.
  • It can grind a variety of tooth types (left and right teeth, circular arc teeth, triangular teeth, high and low teeth)






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