DB38-90° NC Twin Head Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

High-speed twin head hydraulic pipe bender DB38NC-90°, using the NC control system, easy to set up and understand. Its special design can rotate 90 ° from the inside to the outside, and it can work synchronously with two axes. You can hand 2 pipes synchronously & rapidly and get the final production with precise angles & beautiful surface without wrinkles.

It is especially suitable for symmetrical products such as automotive seat frames, handles, bumpers, furniture, etc. and has high efficiency.

Max bending capability(iron)Φ38*2mm
Bending radius35-160mm
Bending angle0-190°
Center distance between two axes200-1600mm
Bending speed50°/sec
Bending accuracy±0.2°
Oil pump motor power5.5kw
Machine size3000*950*1600mm



  • NC control for easy operation and maintenance
  • It can bend a round tube or square tube, and can also bend aluminum profile.
  • Double-axis synchronous work, able to make 2 bends X multiple tubes simultaneously, good for the symmetrical job
  • Standard with 90-degree head rotation allows for completion of 3 Dimensional part with accuracy
  • Bending angles are adjustable from 0˚ ~ 180˚
  • The distance between the centerline of 2 main shafts is 200mm to 1600mm
  • Stationary clamps to maintain the tube in position before bending
  • Lowest setup times with quick-change tooling design
  • A water cooling system is provided, which is convenient for users to control the oil temperature and ensure the equipment to work stably under high temperatures for a long time.
  • The machine is equipped with an emergency stop device.


aluminum tube twin head pipe bending machine -3 pcs alu tube double bending machine twin head pipe bending machine -3 pcs carbon steel tube twin head bending machine


Machine pictures

double head pipe bending machine NC semi-auto twin head pipe bending machine NC twin head tube bender


Why our machine?

  • 2 Bends X Multiple Tubes Simultaneously
    Good for the symmetrical job, high efficiency
  • 90 Degree Bend Head Rotation Function
    For 3D bending, can bend multi-plane parts
  • Two Bends Distance Adjustable
    2 main shafts centerline distance is 200mm to 1600mm, also can be lengthened for your special demands




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