DB25CNC Twin Head CNC Pipe Bender

Compared with the twin head semi-auto hydraulic tube bender, this CNC type double head tube bender comes with 2 axis, it use 2 servo motors to control the feeding. Due to the servo drive, the bending angle is completely digitized and can be adjusted at will on the screen. The center-to-center lengths are adjustable. It has better efficiency than a hydraulic semi-auto twin head bender, also suitable for symmetrical products, such as car seat frames, motorcycle bumpers, furniture chairs.


  • PLC controlled with touch screen user interface, easy programming and set up
  • Double-axis synchronous work, good for the symmetrical job
  • 2 axis electric servo control feeding, no need manual feeding
  • Bending angles are adjustable from 0˚ ~ 180˚
  • The distance between the centerline of 2 main shafts are 200mm to 1600mm
  • Stationary clamps to maintain the tube in position before bending
  • Lowest setup times with quick-change tooling design
  • A water cooling system is provided, which is convenient for users to control the oil temperature and ensure the equipment to work stably under high temperature for a long time.
  • The machine is equipped with an emergency stop device.
  • It can bend a round tube or square tube, and can also bend aluminum profile.
  • Optional automatic feeding and unloading mechanism can be equipped


Why our machine?

  • 2 Bends Simultaneously, Higher Productivity
  • PLC Touch Screen, Easy Set-Up
  • Servo Control Feeding,Save labor & Improve Working Efficiency


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