Customized Twin Head Pipe Bending Machine With Auto Loading Unloading

A worker manually loads pipe materials into the material box of the auto loading rack, the auto loading rack ejects and separates three pipes, and then positions them on one side, the servo motor of the feeding system grabs the pipes and feeds them to the twin head pipe bending machine, bends the pipe, and after the pipe bending is completed, the unloading gripper grabs the completed U-shaped workpiece to the unloading rack.


  • Pipe diameter: 16mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)
  • The length of the straight pipe before bending is 600-1000mm, which can be adjusted according to the needs of clients within a certain range
  • U-shape distance can be adjusted
  • It can be used in the manufacture and processing of beach chairs, camping chairs, beds, etc. that require U-shaped tubes.
  • Automatic loading rack
  • Servo motor tube transferring module
  • Double-head pipe bending module (oil cylinder control pipe bending, twin head distance is adjustable)
  • Unloading rack
  • An automatic welding seam detection mechanism can be added (color difference recognition or image recognition)
  • An automatic punching mechanism can be added

Machine photos

auto loading double head tube bender auto loading twin head pipe bending machine auto loading twin head tube bending machine



double head pipe bending sample 3 double head pipe bending sample 2 double head pipe bending sample 1












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