CS455CNC-P CNC Aluminum Cutting Machine Circular Saw Cutter

CS455CNC-P circular saw is mainly used for cutting softer metal materials, such as aluminum, copper and plastics, carbon gold, paper tubes and other non-ferrous metals.

The equipment has the advantages of smooth, flat cutting, accurate feeding, simple and fast operation, and easy maintenance. It is the current choice for precision sawing of copper and aluminum at home and abroad.

  • Servomotor-drive in feed, PLC unit control, make the feeding accurate and steady.
  • Hidden saw blade advances and retracts from bottom to top, safe and stable.
  • Solve the drawbacks of traditional machine aluminum splashing, enable aluminum scraps to be collected centrally, and improve the working environment
  • Water cooling and lubricate system prolongs the life of machine and saw blade.
  • The cutting edge is smooth and no row edge, no burrs, high accuracy
  • Digital counter for automatic operation ( Cutting length / Quantity set up / Counter )
  • Durable saw blade
  • Dust collecting bag is optional



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