CS425CNC-O High Speed Aluminum Cutting Machine

High-speed CS425CNC-O circular saw is mainly used for cutting softer metal materials, such as aluminum, copper and plastics, carbon gold, paper tubes, and other non-ferrous metals. The equipment has the advantages of smooth, flat cutting, accurate feeding, simple and fast operation, and easy maintenance. It is the current choice for precision sawing of copper and aluminum at home and abroad.

Parameters CS425CNC-O high speed
Cutting ability Round pipe-Φ150mmx6mm thick
Square tube-150mmx150mmx6mm thick
Angle steel-150mmx150mmx6mm thick
Rectangular tube-170mmx130mmx6mm thick
Solid bar-max width 120mm,max height 120mm
Saw blade size Outer diameter: Φ350-500mm, bore:32mm
Main motor 2/4kw  2.8/3.6kw
Hydraulic pressure 4Mpa
Feeding servo motor power 1.5kw
Feeding accuracy ±0.1mm
Feeding length 0-1000mm continuous movement
Cutting accuracy ±0.05mm
Hydraulic pump motor 3HP
Machine size 2200×1100×2200mm




  • Touch screen control, simple operation, easy to learn and understand
  • Can saw various non-ferrous metal materials such as aluminum and copper with different cross-sectional shapes
  • Servomotor-drive in feed, PLC unit control, make the feeding accurate and steady.
  • Automatic clamping and automatic cutting the pipe
  • Linear guide raids with lubrication and vertical slideway cutting, which is powerful and stable, makeS the cutting steady and accurate.
  • The water cooling and lubricate system prolongs the life of the machine and saw blade.
  • The cutting edge is smooth and no raw edge, no burrs, high accuracy, no secondary processing
  • Digital counter for automatic operation ( Cutting length / Quantity set up / Counter )
  • Durable saw blade



cut 1/2″ aluminum solid bar, 16 pieces one time

cut 4″ aluminum solid bar


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