CS425CNC-O CNC Pipe Cutting Machine

Fully automatic CNC series metal circular sawing machine adopts servo motor to drive feeding, PLC control system, high feeding accuracy, up to ±0.05, can operate multiple machines by one person at the same time, greatly improving production efficiency.

Cutting abilityRound pipe-Φ115mm
Square tube-110x110mm
Angle steel-110x110mm
Rectangular tube-150x90mm
Saw blade sizeOuter diameter: Φ275-400mm
Main motor2/4kw  2.8/3.6kw
Hydraulic pressure4Mpa
Feeding servo motor power1.5kw
Feeding accuracy±0.1mm
Feeding length0-1000mm continuous movement
Hydraulic pump motor3HP
Machine size2200×1100×2200mm


  • Servomotor-drive in feed, PLC unit control, make the feeding accurate and steady.
  • Automatic clamping and automatic cutting the pipe
  • Linear guide raids with lubrication and vertical slideway cutting make the cutting steady and accurate.
  • Water cooling and lubricate system prolongs the life of machine and saw the blade.
  • The cutting edge is smooth and no raw edge, no burrs, high accuracy
  • Digital counter for automatic operation ( Cutting length / Quantity set up / Counter )
  • Suit to heavy-duty cutting can cut several pieces of pipes at the same time, high efficiency
  • Durable saw blade





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