CS425-O Semi-auto Hydraulic Tube Cutting Machine

CS425-O is equipped with hydraulic automatic clamping and automatic cutting device,you can choose various sawing angles according to your needs, the machine runs smoothly and efficiently.

Cutting abilityRound-Φ150×6mm(iron)
Angle iron-150×150×6mm(iron)
Saw blade sizeOuter diameter: Φ350mm-500mm
Main motor2/4 2.8/3.6Kw
Hydraulic pressure4Mpa
Gear transmission4 grade
Blade rotating speed35/53
Machine size950×1500×2100mm


  • The machine has a solid structure, low noise pollution, and no vibration when cutting.
  • Automatic clamping and cutting, smooth operation and high efficiency
  • Bilateral two-way clamp, the workpiece is stable.
  • Tangent and oblique cutting freely. The angle is clear and easy to adjust the angle.
  • High cutting precision, no heat, no burrs, no acne, saving secondary processing.
  • The saw blade guard cover is made of castings, which is safe and reliable. (upgrade cover is optional)
  • After the high speed saw blade is worn, it can be re-grinded.
  • The coolant is automatically circulated and lubricated to ensure the service life of the saw blade.
  • The mobile foot switch has the functions of start and emergency stop.





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