CS315/350NC-O Fully Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

This series of metal tube cutting machine is a fully automatic metal circular saw machine driven by hydraulic system, it is suitable for cutting larger diameter pipes, which realizes automatic feeding, automatic pipe cutting, and can automatically set the length of the pipe. One person can operate many sets of this kind of machine, which greatly improves production efficiency.

Parameter CS315NC-O CS350NC-O

Cutting capacity

Round pipe 85mm 115mm
Square tube 75*75mm 110*110mm
Angle steel 75*75mm 110*110mm
Square solid bar 40*40mm 150*60mm
Motor Power 2.4/3.0kw 3.0/4.0kw
Suitable saw blade spec Outer diameter:250-315mm Outer diameter:275-400mm
Pressure 0.6-0.8mpa 4mpa
Machine size 1800x1000x1400mm 2200x1100x2200mm


  • Controlled by NC control system, automatic feeding the pipe by hydraulic-drive, feeding accuracy can achieve ±0.15.
  • Automatic clamping the pipe, automatic cutting the pipe
  • Water cooling and lubricate system prolongs the life of machine and saw blade
  • Cutting edge is smooth and no raw edge, no burrs, high accuracy
  • Digital counter for automatic operation ( Cutting length / Quantity set up / Counter )
  • Suit to heavy-duty cutting, can cut several pieces of pipes at the same time, high efficiency
  • Durable saw blade





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