CS275-P/CS315-P Pneumatic Pipe Cold Cutter

CS275-P/CS315-P pipe cold cutter is equipped with pneumatic automatic clamping and automatic cutting device,you can choose various sawing angles according to your needs, the machine runs smoothly and efficiently.

Parameters CS275-P CS315-P
Cutting ability Round hollow pipe-Φ70mm Round hollow pipe-Φ90mm
Square tube-60x60mm Square tube-80x80mm
Angle steel-60x60mm Angle steel-80x80mm
Rectangular tube-60x40mm Rectangular tube-70x50mm
Solid round bar-Φ48mm Solid round bar-Φ55mm
Solid square bar-38x38mm Solid square bar-50x50mm
Saw blade size diameter: Φ250mm,275mm diameter: Φ250mm,275mm,300mm,315mm
Main motor 2.0/2.4kw 2.4/3.0kw
Max clamping vise opening width 85mm 110mm

Optional: Simple automatic feeding device is optional, which makes the loading easier.


  • The machine has solid structure, low noise pollution and no vibration when cutting.
  • Automatic clamping and cutting, smooth operation and high efficiency
  • Bilateral two-way clamp, the workpiece is stable.
  • Tangent and oblique cutting freely. The angle is clear and easy to adjust the angle.
  • High cutting precision, no heat, no burrs, no acne, saving secondary processing.
  • The saw blade guard cover is made of castings, which is safe and reliable. (upgrade cover is optional)
  • After the high speed saw blade is worn, it can be re-grinded.
  • The coolant is automatically circulated and lubricated to ensure the service life of the saw blade.
  • The mobile foot switch has the functions of start and emergency stop.





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