CS275-H Manual Cold Saw Machine

CS275-H is a manual pipe cutter machine, it is ideal for cutting all kinds of metal materials such as ordinary steel, stainless steel, etc., especially for cutting various pipe material.

Cutting abilityRound hollow pipe-Φ70mm
Square tube-60x60mm
Angle steel-60x60mm
Rectangular tube-60x40mm
Solid round bar-Φ48mm
Solid square bar-38x38mm
Saw blade sizediameter: Φ250mm,275mm
Main motor2.0/2.4kw
Max clamping vise opening width85mm


  • Equipped with manual two-way clamps to make the workpiece stable
  • European high-strength machine head, equipped with high-efficiency worm and worm gear transmission, making the cutting speed high
  • The manual feeding method is adopted, the cutting angle can be adjusted, and the angle is clear.
  • Low noise and low pollution when sawing
  • The cutting is accurate and fast, the cut surface is smooth, no heat and no burrs, and the pipe joint is perfect, saving secondary processing.
  • The coolant is automatically circulated and lubricated to ensure the service life of the saw blade.
  • The saw blade guard cover is made of castings, which is safe and reliable. (upgrade cover is optional)







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