Pipe & Tube Bending Machines

As one of the most professional pipe bending machine manufacturers and suppliers in China, HIPPO offers many types of high-performance tube bending machines for metal processing industry with the advantages of:

  • Bend Different Materials, Different Shapes
    Stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, or aluminum profile, angle steel, round pipe, square tube, oval tube, rectangular tube, all available.
  • Simple Operation
    All equipment actions are controlled by the NC/PLC unit, the operation interface is simple to set up and easy to operate. The tool changeover time is short.
  • Perfect Bends With No Wrinkles
    Our expertise will guide us to control the bending speed and select the appropriate bending tools to prevent the tube from cracking, wrinkling and severe deformation

What Types of Pipe Bending Machine Do We Have?

At Hippo, we can provide you with various types of hydraulic NC pipe bending machines, automatic CNC pipe bending machines, double-head pipe benders, left and right tube bending machines, or according to your needs, we can integrate automatic loading and unloading racks, welding seam inspection device, tube cleaning and other automatic processing equipment for you. 

With the help of customized pipe bending tools, you can bend various metal pipes with diameters from 2mm to 120mm, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, or aluminum, titanium, iron, alloys, etc., and can also be profile, angle steel, square tube, oval tube, rectangular tube, etc. 

Our pipe bending machines are all equipped with a cooling system, you can use it continuously for 24 hours, and we provide customers with a 2-year warranty period.

Hydraulic NC Pipe Bending Machines

The hydraulic NC pipe bending machine is also called semi-automatic tube bending machine. It is mainly used for the processing of a product with only a single bend or multiple bends on the same plane. The feed and rotation are controlled manually, the bending arm is controlled by a hydraulic cylinder, and the bending speed is controlled by multiple sets of solenoid valves to adjust the output flow of the hydraulic cylinder.

NC pipe bending machines are designed as alternatives to CNC pipe bending machines with a lower cost than CNC models. It will help you to reach your target in the most economical way on pipe and tube bending works.

CNC Tube Bender

Based on the functions of the semi-automatic pipe bending machine, the fully automatic CNC tube bender adds the functions of automatic feeding and pipe rotation, that is, the distance between multiple bends and the space angle in a product are all digitally inputted through the touch screen. Automatically complete the feeding and pipe rotation, and the processed pipes have high precision.

According to the number of installed bending tools, the CNC tube bender can be divided into single-stack tool models and multi-stack tools models. 

Especially suitable for the processing of pipe fittings with many spatial angles and high precision requirements. Such as: production of automobile fuel pipes, air conditioning pipes, headrests, motorcycles and bicycle frames etc.


NC Twin Head Pipe Bender

Twin head pipe bending machine can bend both ends of the pipe at the same time, which is especially suitable for symmetrical pipe bending. They are usually used to bend car seat frames, motorcycle bumpers, furniture frames, with high production efficiency. In the process of bending the pipe, the twin head pipe bending machine cannot install mandrel and wiper die, therefore, the bent pipe requires a relatively large bending radius and thick wall thickness.

CNC Double Head Pipe Bending Machine

Compared with the twin head semi-auto hydraulic tube bender, this CNC type double head tube bender comes with 2 axis, it use 2 servo motors to control the feeding. Due to the servo drive, the bending angle is completely digitized and can be adjusted at will on the screen. The center-to-center lengths are adjustable. It has better efficiency than a hydraulic semi-auto twin head bender, also suitable for symmetrical products, such as car seat frames, motorcycle bumpers, furniture chairs.

CNC Left and Right Pipe Bending Machine

 Left and right tube bending machine is designed to be bi-directional meaning that it can change bending direction on the fly from LH to RH,avoid interference of the tube hitting the machine, tooling or floor during the part forming process,especially suitable for complex parts and shapes of small diameter pipe,small bend radius pipe,such as car headrest,fuel lines, heating and cooling systems.

This machine has no clamping device, no assist pushing device, no mandrel bending support, the structure is simple. It can be bent to the left or to the right, very flexible and the processing speed is also faster than the single-head CNC pipe bending machine, so it is getting more and more popular in the market.

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We have lots of experience

We have accumulated rich experience in bending automobile exhaust pipes, fuel brake pipes, air conditioning refrigeration pipes, mufflers, seat frames, headrests, motorcycles handlebars, bumpers, chassis, bicycles,truck fuel line, engine pipes, steel furnitures, boiler, heat exchanger, condenser, evaporator, HVAC and refrigeration pipes, street lights and signs, staircase handrails, guardrails, scaffolding, fitness equipment like trampoline, boat awnings, treadmill,medical beds, wheelchairs, dog cages, baby stroller, wheelbarrow, shopping trolley, luggage frame, etc


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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us share with you some questions that customers often care about.

The semi auto machine has control panel. You can set up the bending degree. But have to do manual feeding and manual positioning. It can’t feed and rotate automatically as CNC.

The program is very easy to learn. You just need to input feeding length, rotating degree and bending degree. When we test running the machine, we can input all the parameters for you, the PLC will store these data, so when you use the machine, no need to input again, just choose from the stored data, this would be easier for your work.

PLC means “Programmable Logic Controller”, it is an editable control unit, you can input some parameters of the tube in the touch screen, for example, bending degree, feeding length and so on, then the machine will execute these instructions. It’s often seen in CNC pipe bending machines. For our semi-auto hydraulic bending machine, we use the NC control unit. NC control unit price is cheaper, but the basic function is similar to PLC.

Yes, sure. We will take videos when we test running the machine, to show you a more complete operation.

The hydraulic oil is 46# abrasion-resistant hydraulic oil. 4 to 5 years to replace oil

Yes. We can upgrade the machine to use IPC control system, the pipe bending machine will be supplied with a software design package. You can design your tubes in the software, then you don’t need to do manual programming.

Our CNC pipe bending machine with PLC control does not have USB connection.
But if you need this function, we can upgrade to higher level IPC control, which has USB connection.

NC semi-auto hydraulic pipe bending machine can store 20 programs, for each program, the bending angles can be 16. Usually we use 1 or 2 bending angles.
CNC pipe bending machine can store 2000 programs, and each program can set 48 bending angles. The max bending angles we have ever set for our client is 7-8.

Yes. We normally use English, but if you need, we can customize the language you want for you. Below is Portuguese screen we made for a client.

custom language-2

The tube bending machine will generate heat if it works for a long time. Therefore, all our tube bending machines are equipped with a water cooling system. And air cooler and oil cooler can also be installed.

Yes, of course. Factory automation is the development trend of today’s enterprises, and the automatic bending pipe production line can replace manual production of repetitive, large-volume products. Hippo can customize an exclusive automatic production line for you according to your specific product needs.
We can equip automatic loading rack and unloading rack for you
Workers only need to put the pipes into the material storage area of the automatic feeding rack and take away the bent pipes.
You can watch the running video of our customized automatic pipe bending production line.

According to different product requirements, we can insert pipe end forming machine, weld inspection, eddy current inspection, pipe cleaning and other techniques.
This is our tube end forming machines automatic production line customized for customers in the automotive industry.

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