Pipe Bending Machine Maintenance


A pipe bending machine requires proper maintenance for proper functioning. Regular service and maintenance of your machine allow you to increase its lifetime. This guide will help you learn the proper way to service your pipe bending machine.

Keep your machines indoors away from moisture and direct sunlight. Excess contact with sunlight can overheat the machine. This will affect the machine’s overall pipe bending performance. Plus, the heat can cause the bender outer finish to crack and damage the main body. 

Always clean your machine before and after each operation. There are many ways to effectively clean a pipe bending machine:

  • Mold cleaning

Molds can damage the bending machine’s body. That’s why any impurities or molds should be removed using an operative cleaner.

  • Rail cleaning

A linear guide rail is one of the most important components of a pipe bending machine. It supports the bender to create highly accurate bends and motion stability.

Switch off the pipe bending machines before cleaning and use a clean rag to wipe it thoroughly.

  • Cooling fan cleaning

Bending machines contain a cooling fan that acts as an exhaust. This fan helps maintain a normal temperature when the machine overheats. It can also remove dust and odor from the machine. 

After some time dust gathers on the fans repressing its performance. Make sure to regularly monitor and clean the fan for high-quality performance.

Keep on examining the major systems of the machine. Clean and service after some intervals. Check for any abnormalities and fix them as soon as possible. Some of the major pipe bending machines are:

  • Electrical system

Check the button gauges, location of each button, knob, and key before and after each operation. If there is any damage or abnormality, call for expert assistance to fix it properly. 

  • Hydraulic system

Check all the valves and look for any oil leakage. Make sure the pressure range on each gauge is in control.

  • Automated system

Regularly add lubricants to reduce friction between moving components. Use a high-end oil-free that is highly effective and free of impurities.

Determine if there are any irregular sounds or phenomena in the machine. Identify and fix these problems right away.

  • Cooling system

The machines have a cooling system to maintain the temperature and don’t let the machine overheat due to constant work. Regularly clean the water tank and change the water.


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