Pipe Bending Applications


Pipe bending techniques are more eminent recently, and they are being used by a range of industries for several applications such as furniture, construction, hydraulics, various types of transportation, and so on.

Here you can learn about the various applications, for which pipe bending methods are widely being used.

Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry needs to use a range of strong but lightweight special materials like stainless steel, special alloy, titanium alloy to construct hydraulic lines, exhaust systems, engine tubes, and fuel lines, etc. Pipe bending machines play a big role in bending these durable and powerful parts.

Automotive Industry
The most extensive use of pipe bending is in the construction of auto parts. For any automotive to function properly, it is vital to maintain an absolute level of accuracy.
For large-scale production, to meet the manufacturer’s high requests pipe bending machines must provide high performance and repeatability. Most of the machines used here are high-end automatic CNC pipe bending machines for mass production.
Automotive industry requirements are always changing based on the latest advancements in the field. For this reason, the pipe bending methods and machines must also evolve to be appropriate for the production of contemporary cars. The automotive industry uses pipe bending services for the production of various parts such as:

  • Fuel brake pipes
  • Air conditioning refrigeration pipes
  • Exhaust systems
  • Mufflers
  • Seat frames
  • Headrests
  • Hood struts
  • Door lock levers
  • Structural components
  • Coolant systems

Heavy Truck Industry

The heavy truck industry works with a variety of hard to bend pipes including 409 and 304 stainless steel pipes. 

They are only bent by using heavy-duty bending machines which offer more power and strength for bending large and thick tubes. Pipe bending machines used in heavy truck industries are mainly used for the manufacture of heavy truck fuel lines, engine pipes, many structural components, and other custom fabrication.

Shipbuilding Equipment

Pipe bending machines and techniques are widely being used for many services and solutions in ship building. They require bending operations for smaller vessels as well as large commercial ships.

The techniques are used for the production of hydraulic lines, exhaust systems, fuel lines, and water lines used in the construction of many ships.

Fitness and Leisure Equipment

Many fitness equipment manufacturing industries utilize pipe bending machines for their operations. Some of the equipment constructed in these industries include trampolines, beach chairs, boat awnings, treadmills, and many more.

Medical Equipment

Medicinal industries manufacture some equipment like medical beds and wheelchairs. Their frame are usually round or square tubes, which need to use pipe bending machines for precise operations. 


Many furniture items are also constructed with a help of pipe bending machines, such as office desks and chairs, student desks and chairs, beds, sofas, mirror frames, ironing boards, aluminum ladders, etc.


Pipe bending machines are also being used in other various industries for the construction of several different materials such as, 

  • Dog cages, cowhouses, etc. to guard cows, horses, domesticated pets, and other livestock.
  • Staircase handrails, guardrails
  • HVAC and refrigeration pipes, pipes, and components
  • Street lights
  • Boiler, heat exchanger, condenser, and evaporator
  • Children’s playground equipment
  • Baby stroller, wheelbarrow, shopping trolley, baby bed, luggage frame, prams, and pushchairs
  • Oil pipes for excavators, and cranes
  • Agricultural equipment like harvesters
  • Food processing equipment i.e. milk sterilization equipment pipeline

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