The Economical NC Pipe Bending Machine

NC Pipe Bending Machine Manufacturer in China

HIPPO NC (Numerical Control) pipe bending machine is a semi-automatic, computer-controlled type of tube bender.  The pipe feeding and rotation process is executed manually, the bending is carried out by hydraulic cylinder.  It is a practical semi-automatic pipe bending machine solution for small and medium-sized production.It can help you reach your goal in pipe bending work in the most economical way. 

Our NC pipe bending machines are designed to offer an exceptional array of features and can be operational in various applications, such as auto parts, furniture industry, shipbuilding industry, petrochemical, oil or gas pipeline, electricity, food, aerospace, exhausts, etc. 

HIPPO offers a variety of different models of NC pipe bending machines with specific and distinctive features. Our bending capacity is up to 129mm diameter and a pipe wall thickness up to 10 mm. 

With an NC control unit operated through a touch screen interface, our NC pipe bending machine makes each operation precise and incredibly convenient. To achieve enhanced durability excellent bending results, high bending accuracy, and stable performance, we particularly opt for high-end material for solid construction and compact design.

You can precisely bend pipes or tubes made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or any other materials;  oval, rectangular, square tubes, aluminum profiles, and angle steel are easily to bend.

Apart from exceptionally manufactured NC pipe bending machines, we also offer on-site machine training. Our incredible customer care staff will be always on edge to offer services and answer all of your queries concerning NC pipe bending machine working, maintaining, or warranty issues. Send us your inquiry today!




  • Multiple angles can be processed in one cycle, bending springback compensation
  • The bending speed can be adjusted, the bending angle accuracy is controlled by the encoder, and the high bending accuracy is up to +/-0.15°
  • The solenoid valve and integrated circuit are used to control the action separately, the hydraulic parts have a long service life.
  • 10-inch touch screen NC control unit, simple operation interface, easy data input
  • The screen supports different languages, can store 20 groups of programs, each program can achieve 16 angles
  • Quick change of bending tools and easy adjustment.
  • Equipped with hydraulic mandrel extractor, hydraulic clamping and pressure die, thus ensuring high-quality bending result
  • Foot pedal control
  • Automatic/manual mode for choice
  • The hydraulic system is equipped with a water cooling device, which is convenient for users to control the oil temperature
  • No need for special maintenance
  • The machine contains a set of standard molds
  • The flip stopper can be customized to achieve precise positioning



Control system NC controlNC controlNC controlNC controlNC controlNC controlNC control
Max bending capabilityΦ38x2mmΦ50×2.5mmΦ63×3mmΦ75x3mmΦ89x6mmΦ114x8mmΦ129x8mm
Bending radius25~180mm35~220mm50~280mm50~300mm80~450mm120~500mm150~550mm
Bending angle0~195°0~195°0~195°0~195°0~195°0~195°0~195°
Valid mandrel length1800mm2200mm2800mm3300mm3400mm4500mm4800mm
Bending speed65°/sec45°/sec45°/sec25°/sec11.4°/sec8°/sec6.6°/sec
Bending accuracy±0.15°±0.15°±0.15°±0.15°±0.15°±0.15°±0.15°
Main motor power4Kw5.5Kw5.5Kw7.5Kw11Kw15Kw15Kw
System hydraulic pressure12MPa12MPa12MPa14MPa14MPa14MPa14MPa
Cooling systemwater coolingwater coolingwater coolingwater coolingwater coolingwater coolingwater cooling


Note: The above machine specification is subject to change without previous notice due to the continuous improvement of R&D.


Here are some NC pipe bending machine related questions you may have in mind and their answers in regard.


1. What is NC Tube Bender?

An NC tube bender, also known as a Numerical Control pipe bending machine is a semi-automatic machine. It can also be referred to as a computer-controlled pipe bending machine as it is operated using a conventional computer program.

The program consists of data presented in the form of numbers, symbols, and letters. This data is comprehended by the NC pipe bending machine to perform certain types and angles of bends.

The machine allows you to bend a wide range of materials for various applications with higher accuracy and offer incredible bending results at any angle while putting in the least effort. 


2. How to operate NC pipe bending machine?

An NC pipe bending machine is rather easier to maneuver and control as compared to any other manually operated machine. With a touch screen interface, you can use a set of instructions i.e. types, number, and degree of bends in the pipe. 

The NC pipe bending machine follows a set of steps for creating the accurate and effective bends devoid of any bending errors. Here is the precise order of steps an NC pipe bending machine follows for the operation:

  • The pipe to be bent is loaded into the machine by an operator.
  • The operator adds information regarding the angle and nature of the bends.
  • The pipe is clamped, bent, and removed by the machine.
  • The machine stops running to wait for the removal of bent pipe and further operation either for a new pipe or a second bend on the similar one.
  • For a new set of operations, you can reset the information and make a fresh start or make more bends with the already added data for several pipes.

3. Should I Choose an NC pipe bending machine or CNC Tube Bender?

NC tube bending machine clamping, bending, and releasing step is the same as a CNC tube bender, but it doesn’t reposition itself, you have to the manual repositioning after one bend is completed.  The CNC tube bending machine can automatically move the tube to the next position and can rotate the angle to any degree, so if you desire to produce numerous bends automatically with restricted operator contribution you can opt for a CNC bender.

And a CNC tube bender program can save more data and is more accurate as compared to an NC program, it requires the least operator involvement, you don’t require a huge staff to control the machine. 


If you can’t decide which tube bending machine is ideal for your bending operations, you can refer to the below comparison chart HIPPO made for the NC pipe bending machine VS CNC tube bender.


You should consider the below factors to make a better choice:

  • Number of bends per part

If your bending operations require only single-bend parts, a semi-automatic machine will work perfectly for you. It is enough as it can make swift and accurate single bends just like a CNC pipe bender.

But if you intend to have multiple bends in a tube, a CNC tube bender is capable of delivering incredible repeatability with exclusive performance and the least worker involvement.

  • Production volume 

If you are working with small-scale bending operations, which doesn’t require many bends a CNC tube bending machine will be too much for it. If you have mass production bending operations, you can opt for a CNC tube bending machine for more continuous performance

  • Your business’ future

With ongoing advancements in technology, bending operations and applications are also subjected to modifications. A CNC bender machine with less operator involvement would be the best possibility. NC tube bending machines can also do the same job but require more time and operator involvement.

If you foresee an increase in demand for your business, you can choose a fully automatic CNC tube bending machine.