Multi-Stack Tube Bending Machine

three stack compound tooling design

A multi-stack pipe bending machine is exclusively designed with several sets or stacks of tools. All of the dies including wiper die, pressure die, clamping die, and bending die are stacked in the machines to carry out several bends together. 

Apart from stacking bending tools in the machine, enough space is created in the machine to accommodate a large amount of these bending tools.

In the past, when there were multiple bending radii on the pipe, we could only change the tooling to achieve bending of products with multiple bending radii. However, the installation and disassembly of the bending tooling not only requires high professional skills of the operators, but also leads to low production efficiency, and it is difficult to ensure the accuracy of the bending process and the roundness of the bend. 

So currently, when it comes to a product with multiple bending radius design, we usually use a multi-stack CNC pipe bender, which can automatically achieve tooling up-down shifting and left-right shifting, so that the product can be processed at once, very convenient. 


motorcycle handlebar pipe bending machine07

After years of software and hardware development, HIPPO double and multi-stack CNC tube bending machines are excellent in terms of product quality and operating system, with user-friendly and convenient operation screens. The automatic detection system on our bender allows timely and effective troubleshooting. The simulation demonstration function can clearly analyze the effect of pipe bending. You can import or export 3D engineering drawings to the machine and can connect a computer to the bending machine through an optional configuration. Our multi-stack tube bender can not only improve the bending efficiency but also ensure processing accuracy, it is ideal for bending tubes in the automotive industry. If your product has multi bend radius, kindly contact us for a quote now.


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