About the Motorcycle bending MANUFACTURING

Motorcycle industry

Motorcycle is a convenient and fast means of transportation, there are two and three wheeled motorcycles. It has a small and light body, no need to worry about traffic jams, and no trouble of parking. It is also used in military and sports competitions.

Motorcycle consists of engine, transmission system, walking system, steering system, braking system and electrical instruments.

Hippo Machinery provides reliable, high precision and good repeatability bending equipment for Motorcycle parts manufacturing, such as frame, chassis, handlebar,rear carrier, front/rear fork,windshield, exhaust pipes etc.

Hippo Machinery has many customers in the motorcycle industry. Our biggest customer is Dachangjiang Group Co., Ltd., which is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in China and the largest partner and export base of Suzuki Japan. 

Project 1-Handlebar

The motorcycle handlebar is a tubular part of the motorcycle steering mechanism. The handlebars provide installation positions for control devices such as brakes, accelerators, clutches, horns, light switches, and rearview mirrors;

The design of the handlebar is an important part of ergonomics. The shape and holding position of the handlebars also affect the riding posture and comfort of the rider.

The novel handlebar design greatly increases the visual appeal of the motorcycle. There are many motorcycle handlebar types on the market for discerning motorcyclists to choose from.

The outer diameter of motorcycle handlebars is usually 22mm and 28mm tubes. There are mainly Q235 carbon steel pipes (2mm wall thickness is more common) and aluminum alloy pipes (4mm wall thickness is more common). The aluminum alloy tube is expensive, but light in weight, can reduce the handlebar by 25%, and has superior tensile and yield strength. The end of the handlebar will have anti-skid design, provides maximum grip traction.

The handlebars need to be bent with a fully automatic CNC pipe bending machine. However, different handlebar shapes will affect the choice of pipe bending machine model. Hippo Machinery can customize tube bending machine with multi-stack compound molds and hole drilling function to meet your specific bending requirements.


Project 2-Frame

The frame is the skeleton of the motorcycle. As the skeleton of the motorcycle, it bears the rider’s luggage and provides a fixed position for the engine and the rear shock absorber. The quality of the frame is also related to the comfort. The frame is made of steel, aluminum alloy and carbon fiber.

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