How To Use CNC Pipe Bending Machine To Process Automobile Headrest?


In recent years, China’s auto industry has been growing at a rapid rate of more than 30% per year, and at the same time, China’s auto parts industry has also achieved rapid development. In terms of upstream parts and components, from export data, at least 50% of global auto parts manufacturing is related to China.

The CNC pipe bending machine has high bending efficiency and bending accuracy, and the processed pipes have good repeatability, so it is widely used in some auto parts industries, such as fuel pipes, exhaust pipes, mufflers, air conditioning pipes, seats, headrest, bumper, mirror frame, door lock lever, etc.


How the car headrest is processed? Now let’s take a look.

The car headrest tube diameter is small, generally 10-12mm, and the bending radius is also small, but the requirements for accuracy are very high.

At present, the processing of automobile headrests in the Chinese market mainly adopts the following two methods.

  1. Single-head CNC pipe bender. The single-head CNC pipe bender can automatically turn and feed.can automatically rotate and feed, it can accomplish most simple headrest designs. When encounters a slightly more complicated pipe fitting, add another vertical pipe bender can also solve the problem. The following two videos show the processing.
  1. CNC automatic left and right pipe bending machine. This machine has no clamping device, no assist pushing device, the structure is simple. It can be bent to the left or to the right, solving the problem of interference of one-way bent. Very flexible and the processing speed is also faster than the single-head CNC pipe bending machine, so it is getting more and more popular in the market. Just check out this video.


Different tube bender manufacturers may differ slightly in the design details, but the basic principle is the same. That is, the feeding axis uses a servo drive to control the distance between each bend of the pipe, and the feeding length, space rotation angle, and bending angle are set through the operation control system. Through the bending head left and right sliding, clockwise and counterclockwise bending to avoid bending interference. S-shaped bends of any length can be realized.



The volume of auto parts is always very large. Sometimes, one product can be repeatedly produced for three to five years. In this case, some enterprises will add automatic loading and unloading device for the CNC pipe bending machine. Or more advanced, use robot loading and unloading. At present, China’s local robot technology is becoming more and more mature, and the price is getting lower and lower. In this way, only one worker needs to be reserved for batch feeding of the whole bundle of pipe materials, as well as quality inspection. Not only the product quality is stable, but also the production capacity is higher. After all, the robot can work day and night, does not need to eat or drink.


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