HEadrest processing

Headrest Tube Bending, end forming, roll notching,Polishing

The processing of automobile headrest requires CNC pipe bending machine, tube end forming machine, tube roll notching machine, polishing machine. Hippo Machinery provides full production lines to help you achieve competitive advantage in your headrest production. 

headrest stay tube bending (1)
headrest stay tube bending (5)
headrest stay tube bending (4)
headrest stay tube bending (3)
headrest stay tube bending (2)

1-Headrest tube bending

The main function of a car headrest is to increase safety. A car seat’s headrest can be an effective way to protect the head and neck of the passenger and driver in the event of a traffic accident, particularly when the car is rear-ended receiving as few injuries as possible. Early cars did not have headrests. As people pay more and more attention to car safety, car headrests have gradually become popular in cars as safety devices. Relevant national mandatory standards have strict regulations regarding the material, strength, energy absorption, location, and size of the car headrest.

The car headrest tube diameter is small, usually, 10-14mm, and the bending radius is also small, but the requirements for accuracy are very high.

HIPPO’s left and right pipe bending machine is specially designed to bend the headrest. This machine has no clamping device, no assist pushing device, and the structure is simple. It can be bent to the left or the right, solving the problem of interference of one-way bent. It is very flexible and the processing speed is also faster than the single-head CNC pipe bending machine.

2-Headrest tube end forming

twin head end forming machine for headrest

4-Headrest tube roll notching

cross section

5-Headrest tube polishing

headrest tube polishing machine01
headrest tube polishing machine02
headrest tube polishing machine04
headrest tube polishing machine03

After roll notching the headrest rod, some burrs may be left behind. Using a headrest tube polishing machine can not only remove these burrs, but also clean up defects and oxides on the surface of the pipe, thereby improving the smoothness and quality of the workpiece surface.

This equipment uses a large turntable to drive two sets of abrasive belts to rotate. The workpiece passes through the center of the turntable, and the abrasive belts circle the workpiece 360 degrees for surface sanding. You can choose sanding belts of different thicknesses according to your needs. By adjusting the speed of the abrasive belt, polishing processes with various precision requirements can be easily met.

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