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Yes, we can use your control systems and print your logo on the machine, OEM is accepted for Hippo.

T/T or L/C, 30% as deposit, the balance need to be paid before delivery but after inspection.

Usually, it takes 30 working days for production.

The pipe bending machine HS-Code is 84622190; end forming machine HS-Code is 84629190; circular saw machine HS-Code is 84615000

Rich in overseas transaction experience, we have a full set of documentations, user manuals, assembly guidance all in ENGLISH.
You do not need to have any concern over language issues.

After finalizing the product, we clear up the production line and send you photos and videos for your assurance. In accord with your requests, we can also arrange for our experienced technicians and engineers to offer installation and training services.
Our customer services are also always active to answer any queries if required.

To certify the excellent quality and precision of each component of the machine, we have gathered a diversity of qualified processing equipment and methods. Apart from the functioning of the machine, we also test each component of the machine before assembling it.
Our staff monitors each part with high-end technology and also full production line for almost 12 hours before delivering.

Hippo machines are covered by a 2 year warranty from sale.
This warranty covers all manufacturing faults or defects. It does not cover the malfunctions or failures caused by your incorrect operations. The warranty is valid from the date of installation finish and machine normal working. During this period of warranty, if there is something wrong with the machine, we are responsible to provide project for solving this problem at the soonest, and help customers to restore production as soon as possible.
Also, lifetime maintenance and remote technical assistance can be available. As per our past experience, we do the maintenance by video or by other forms of easy-accessible media instructions and it is not complicated to follow the video instruction for minor repairing. We are fully prepared for any after-sale problems.

Yes, we update the video regularly, you can subscribe our YouTube Channel.

We manufacture tube processing machines that are mainly categorized into 3 types:
(1) Pipe Bending Machine
–Semi-auto hydraulic NC pipe bending machine
–Fully-auto CNC pipe bending machine
–Twin head pipe bending machine
–CNC left and right direction pipe bending machine
(2) Tube End Forming Machine(single station and multi-stations)
-Model:TM30, TM40, TM60, TM80, TM100
(3) Circular Saw Machine
-Hand operated circular saw machine
-Semi-auto pneumatic circular saw machine
-Semi-auto hydraulic circular saw machine
-Fully-auto CNC circular saw machine
-Semi-auto and CNC aluminum cutting circular saw machine

Our factory is located in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province.
It’s a city where top performance high-tech talents & high precision machining supports are more accessible.

On-site pipe bending machine running is available for observation should you book appointments with our sales representatives ( info@hippobender.com) and advise your itinerary at least 10 days before your visit.
We will arrange a pick-up from where you arrive in Shanghai to our factory

About Pipe Bending Machine


The semi auto machine has control panel. You can set up the bending degree. But have to do manual feeding and manual positioning. It can’t feed and rotate automatically as CNC.

The program is very easy to learn. You just need to input feeding length, rotating degree and bending degree. When we test running the machine, we can input all the parameters for you, the PLC will store these data, so when you use the machine, no need to input again, just choose from the stored data, this would be easier for your work.

PLC means “Programmable Logic Controller”, it is an editable control unit, you can input some parameters of the tube in the touch screen, for example, bending degree, feeding length and so on, then the machine will execute these instructions. It’s often seen in CNC pipe bending machines. For our semi-auto hydraulic bending machine, we use the NC control unit. NC control unit price is cheaper, but the basic function is similar to PLC.

Yes, sure. We will take videos when we test running the machine, to show you a more complete operation.

The hydraulic oil is 46# abrasion-resistant hydraulic oil. 4 to 5 years to replace oil

Yes. We can upgrade the machine to use IPC control system, the pipe bending machine will be supplied with a software design package. You can design your tubes in the software, then you don’t need to do manual programming.

Our CNC pipe bending machine with PLC control does not have USB connection.
But if you need this function, we can upgrade to higher level IPC control, which has USB connection.

NC semi-auto hydraulic pipe bending machine can store 20 programs, for each program, the bending angles can be 16. Usually we use 1 or 2 bending angles.
CNC pipe bending machine can store 2000 programs, and each program can set 48 bending angles. The max bending angles we have ever set for our client is 7-8.

Yes. We normally use English, but if you need, we can customize the language you want for you. Below is Portuguese screen we made for a client.

custom language-2

The tube bending machine will generate heat if it works for a long time. Therefore, all our tube bending machines are equipped with a water cooling system. And air cooler and oil cooler can also be installed.

Yes, of course. Factory automation is the development trend of today’s enterprises, and the automatic bending pipe production line can replace manual production of repetitive, large-volume products. Hippo can customize an exclusive automatic production line for you according to your specific product needs.
We can equip automatic loading rack and unloading rack for you
Workers only need to put the pipes into the material storage area of the automatic feeding rack and take away the bent pipes.
You can watch the running video of our customized automatic pipe bending production line.

According to different product requirements, we can insert pipe end forming machine, weld inspection, eddy current inspection, pipe cleaning and other techniques.
This is our tube end forming machines automatic production line customized for customers in the automotive industry.

About Tube End Forming Machine

tube end forming beading expansion

For tube reduction, the die set is made of alloy tungsten steel, the lifetime is much longer than other steel molds, the price is also more expensive.
For tube expansion and beading, we use Cr12 to make the dies.

Yes. All our tube end forming machine comes with a back stopper, it’s the standard configuration. But the position is adjustable. And it’s also optional, you can choose to remove it if you have very long pipes to process.

back stopper

(a) For end forming machine, we usually use drawing compounds lubricant, it mainly plays the role of lubrication and cooling during the processing process, which improves the workpiece finish, effectively extend the tooling life; and it’s easy to clean.
(b)We usually manually brush it to the pipe surface. The drawing compounds lubricant is very thick, and automatic lubrication requires a high-pressure system and a constant temperature device, which is costly. If the customer needs it, we can also install it for you.
(c) The machine is equipped with a water cooling system, which can cool down the machine’s hydraulic oil temperature to make sure it works for a long time. 

water cooling

The main difference between servo motor control and hydraulic control is accuracy, not speed.
If use servo motors, the mold shifting accuracy could reach ±0.015mm, hydraulic controlled mold shifting accuracy reaches ±0.1mm.
Usually, for products that require multi-station(at least three stations), we would recommend using servo motors. The servo motor is more expensive.

The standard vice clamp length is 165mm. If your pipe is shorter than this, we will customize the tools according to your product. The clamp die includes one upper clamp die and one lower clamp die.

tube end forming dies

Our standard machine is equipped with a water cooling system. If you want, we can make the air cooler for you.

There are two reasons for this.
1. Mitsubishi panel price is 3-5 times that of WeinView (we currently using from Taiwan), while displaying effect is same, so no manufacturers choose Mitsubishi here.
2. Mitsubishi Panel programming is very complicated, while WeinView is much easier. We have been adopting WeinView for many years, it’s mature and stable.

a. When the station hits towards the pipe, the clamp will not slide, so no strains. As long as the clamp groove is clean, no rubbish(like iron chippings, etc) in it, the surface of the pipe will not be damaged. Otherwise, the pipes might have pit after end forming.
b. In case the clamp groove got dirty, you can use a dishcloth to wipe the clamp groove( or a high-pressure air gun). Just pay more attention, no big problem.
c. We can’t use engineering plastic clamp here, that would be way too soft, can’t resist the impact force from the station. This is decided by the end forming technology.

Yes. Our tube end forming machine can create precision round, square, and rectangular shapes to specifications. One thing to reminder, when reducing rectangular tubes, it is necessary to add some notches on the tube surface. Rectangular tube reduction is much harder than the round pipe. When squeezing inward, the tube wall will get thicker, the material will crease and drummed into a line. Add notches will ease this issue and will not affect the assembly. You can refer to this effect as the photo.


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