Twin Head Pipe Bending Machine Manufacturer in China

HIPPO double head pipe bending machine can process both sides of the pipe at the same time, regardless of the geometry, by clamping in the middle of the pipe. All movement required for bending is performed by the bending die moving around the fixed tube. It is especially suitable for symmetrical pipe bending. The ability to bend multiple pipes at once creates a huge advantage. It can bend round or square tubes, as well as aluminum profiles. You can use it to bend brake and fuel lines, motorcycle bumpers, engine frames, furniture (chair frames, bed frames), and other parts that require symmetrical bending.


round tube twin head tube bender machine


oval tube twin head bending machine


twin head tube bending machine for square tube



Bed Frame

twin head tube bender for bed frame

Suitcase Frame

twin head tube bender for aluminum suitcase frame


twin head tube bending machine for trampoline

Chair Frame

double head tube bender for chair frame

Cloth Dryer

cloth dryer double head pipe bending machine

Step Ladder

step ladder double head tube bending machine

HIPPO offers NC and CNC type double head pipe benders to meet all your bending needs. We can also customize double-head tube benders according to your needs.

NC twin Head Pipe Bending Machine

DB15-90-pipe bending machine


  • Controlled by NC, it can bend multiple pipes at one time, greatly improving production efficiency.
  • Depending on the pipe diameter, the mold can be double or triple.
  • Adjustable bend angle from 0 to 180 degrees
  • Different bending angle can be set for each side
  • Individual speed control for each side
  • Double heads can be used separately
  • Easy to adjust the center of the bending shaft
  • Ability to bend parts in multiple planes. The bending head is mounted on two rotary tables that can be adjusted to perform multi-plane 3D bending.
  • HMI provides easy access to automatic and manual modes of operation
  • The water cooling system ensures that the equipment can work stably for a long time under high temperatures.

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CNC twin Head Pipe Bending Machine


  • CNC type double head tube bender comes with 2 axis, it use 2 servo motors to control the feeding.
  • The center-to-center lengths are adjustable. It will give you maximum productivity with less bending time as well as less setup and downtime.
  • The center distance of the twin head can be adjusted directly on the touch screen without mechanical adjustment, which is more convenient.
  • PLC control, easy operation and maintenance
  • Individual bend angle settings for each bending head
  • Automatic or manual operation
  • Multiple emergency stops for easy access

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Customized twin Head Pipe
Bending Machine With Auto loading Unloading

customized twin head pipe bending machine with auto loading unloading


  • This is our customized double-head pipe bender with automatic loading and unloading function. 
  • Bend 16mm tubes, support 3 simultaneous bending, provide maximum work efficiency
  • PLC control, easy operation and maintenance
  • The center distance of the bending head is adjusted by rotating the hand wheel, which is simple and convenient
  • Can be operated automatically or manually

In addition, we can also customize double-head pipe benders with punching hole function, integrated end forming station, and weld recognition function for you. Welcome to discuss your needs with us!

double head pipe bending sample 2
double head pipe bending sample 1
double head pipe bending sample 3