Custom Tubing Bending System For Domestic Client


Many automobile manufacturing enterprises need a large number of pipe parts, these pipe parts are manufactured with pipe processing equipment, such as pipe bending machine, metal circular sawing machine, pipe end forming machine, chamfering machine, flaring machine, etc. With the development of the economy and society, labor costs are becoming more and more expensive, and many enterprises have little choice. When purchasing equipment, they will put automate operations on the agenda.

Hippo Machinery can tailor various automated pipe processing machines according to customers’ ideas. Here let us show you a successful system, an automatic feeding, bending, automatic grabbing, drilling, and unloading production system for domestic automobile mirror industry client.

This customer purchased our automatic pipe bending machine with the autoloading system, and after the pipe was bent, workers were required to manually drill holes. Due to the high drilling frequency, labor intensity, harsh noise, the single, repetitive operation is prone to fatigue, napping, resulting in workplace accidents, so the customer wanted us to install a piece of automatic drilling equipment on this automatic pipe bending system.

An automated drilling machine with an automatic robotic arm that automatically grabs the bent pipe, then automatically drills and unloads it, with an average beat of about 15 seconds each (beats can vary depending on the job). Easy to replace manual drilling, high efficiency. One worker can take care of N similar automated production lines like this and can recover the input cost in less than a year.

The below pictures shows the entire operational process.

  1. Manual put the entire bundle into the silo of the automatic loader.
  2. Automatic feeding to the CNC pipe bending machine collet.
  3. Automatic pipe bending.
  4. Automatic drilling and unloading material.
  5. Recycle

You could watch the entire movement in this video.


At last, since this customer has a big volume for their products,sometimes, if your volume not big, a CNC pipe bending machine with hole punching function would also be a good solution.


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