CNC Tube Bender

  • 16+ years of professional experience to support your bending business 
  • Reasonable price for all machines
  • Stable performance proven by 100+ running projects
  • High bending precision (±0.01mm) and good repeatability
  • Bends no wrinkles
  • Easy for operation


CNC Tube Bender Manufacturer in China

HIPPO manufactures the finest quality, most premium CNC tube bending machines to support your small and large-scale production applications. Our CNC tube bending machines with compact constructions and a unique design are intended for absolute convenience and ease of the users. With our team of proficient technicians, we certify exceptional performance consistent, precise, high-speed bending and device durability for greatest productivity, and dynamics. 

HIPPO bending capacity ranges from 3mm to 89mm, suitable for the most demanding applications. Our CNC pipe benders feature single-stack, double-stack, or multi-stack functions that are quite compatible with fixed radius bending, multiple radius bending, and can also bend complex parts without any straight distance between the bends.  

Even with a very competitive price our CNC tube bender is made of high-end material and doesn’t sacrifice its performance and durability. The CNC bender machine we designed can handle an extensive range of materials. You can count on it to bend carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, bronze, brass, copper, and other materials in no time with the highest accuracy.

Apart from distinctive material the standard tools used in our CNC tube bending machine allows you to effectively work with many pipe shapes including round tubes, oval tubes, square tubes, and rectangular tubes, channel steel, angle iron, and various aluminum extrusions and special profiles.

No matter large or small diameter, or strict part tolerances, our CNC pipe bending machine is your weapon to improve your competitiveness. Talk with our experienced engineer about your project needs now!



At HIPPO we have a stock of machines with distinctive features and capacities. Each of these machines is designed and constructed based on your needs and business requirements. You can select a machine or customize one yourself according to the nature of your bending business and applications.


Wide Applications

Our CNC pipe benders provide the latest functions and advanced technology to provide maximum flexibility for precision bending in many industries, such as automobiles, motorcycle seats, frames, exhaust pipes, HVAC, heat exchangers, boiler, etc. Many automotive brands (like Jiangling Motors, Ford) use HIPPO’s CNC pipe bending machines to bend their high-quality parts.

Proficient Customization Capability

With our years of experience as professional CNC pipe bending machine manufacturers, we allow you to customize a machine according to your particular requirements.

You can acquire our customer service staff regarding your desired features. You can equip your new CNC pipe bending machine with a push-bending function, and can be integrated with feeder, unloading device, welding seam detector, pipe cutting, chamfering, end forming, and drilling, etc. 

During any mass production operation, you don’t require many operators to achieve an efficient construction. This will also allow you to save your time and investment, and also provides exceptional flexibility to manufacture various parts.

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cnc pipe bending tools

High-End Bending Tools

HIPPO can quickly produce the customized pipe bending tools you require according to the process you opt for.

HIPPO professional technician staff gathers and utilizes the most excellent quality appropriate material to construct bender dies based on your pipe material and bending difficulty.

Our commonly used die materials are 45#, Cr12, industrial nylon, 42MrMo, and copper. 

The pipe bending tools and manufacturing techniques we use guarantee exceptional performance and durability from the final product. We will also conduct an effective heat treatment on the surface of each of our bender die to upgrade the hardness and wear endurance of the die surface.

We can also modify special processes, such as split die, to attain specific bending requirements according to your needs. The solid construction and compact design of our pipe bending tooling allow you to perform swift replacement and decrease the setup duration as much as possible.

Certified Outstanding Quality

HIPPO CNC tube bending machines are constructed with the highest standards that can meet the most premium quality requirements in terms of design and craftsmanship. Thanks to our high-end material and manufacturing process selection we have ISO, TÜV, and CE certification. 

We use quality material so that the final machine is jam-packed with rigidity, which can efficiently minimize vibration. To allow you to form complex 3D part shapes, we manufacture CNC bender bending arm with a unique design to avoid interference.

The linear transmission of the feeding part is constructed using imported high accuracy ball screws and finest-quality wear-resistant linear guides, this ensures feeding exactness and adequate service lifespan.

Other sections including, cylinders, reducers, servo-motors and servo drives used are of the most premium brand, and provide the highest motion precision to manufacture the most flawless parts for you.

cnc pipe bending machine operation

Easy Operation

HIPPO CNC tube bending machines are designed with a 15-inch Taiwan Wein-view touch screen and a Mitsubishi PLC controller for convenient maneuverability to certify the flexibility and stability of each operation.

Our team exclusively used a program to support multi-language dialogue, so that the programming interface is much easier to understand for everyone. Plus, it can also automatically identify errors and defects for more accurate tube processing operations. The settings you use for an operation can be stored in the memory of the CNC pipe bender programs for future use.

After a little training, you can learn how to effectively use a CNC tube bending operating system and accomplish a safe, fast, and competent operation. The IPC control system is also upgradeable, as it is entirely based on Windows, capable of simulating the bending action having a 3D preview function to predict the interference position in advance.

Exceptional Customer Service

HIPPO CNC pipe bending machines are widely acknowledged worldwide for offering long-lasting performance and exceptional post-delivery services.

We provide comprehensive support and services while selecting a solution for your smaller batches or mass production applications. Our experienced engineering staff are capable of using Solid Works and Auto Cad software skillfully.

With years of design and production experience, we can quickly responds to your needs and discovers the best CNC pipe bending solution for your bending needs and operations.

Over 100+ Projects

We have accumulated rich experience in bending automobile exhaust pipes, fuel brake pipes, air conditioning refrigeration pipes, mufflers, seat frames, headrests, motorcycles handlebars, bumpers, chassis, bicycles,truck fuel line, engine pipes, steel furnitures, boiler, heat exchanger, condenser, evaporator, HVAC and refrigeration pipes, street lights and signs, staircase handrails, guardrails, scaffolding, fitness equipment like trampoline, boat awnings, treadmill,medical beds, wheelchairs, dog cages, baby stroller, wheelbarrow, shopping trolley, luggage frame, etc


CNC Tube Bender Ultimate Guide


A CNC tube bender is used by various industries to deploy rapid, yet accurate tube bending operations. These computer-operated tube benders are highly accessible and offer reliable performance. 

This is a comprehensive FAQ guide for CNC bender machines, their functioning, and types.

pipe bending machine-1

Chapter 1. What Is A CNC Tube Bender?

Tube And Pipe Bending Is A Permanent Fabrication Process Used To Restyle Sections Of Tubes And Pipes. Bent Tubes Are Mostly More Useful As Compared To Normal Ones. Whole Pipes Or Some Parts Of It Are Bent So They Can Fit Properly In Other Machines Or Systems I.E. Exhaust Vents, Air-Conditioning Pipes, Automotive, And Many More. 

The Pipe Bending Machines Are Either Manual Or Automatic. They Work Using Physical Force To Bend Tubes Or Are Computer Operated.

A CNC Or Computer Numerically Controlled Tube Bender Is An Exclusively Automatic Tube Bending Machine. This Tube Bender Can Easily Be Controlled And Operated By Using A Simple Computer Program. The Machine Is Constructed With Durable And Sturdy Automated Elements For Long-Lasting Performance.

A CNC Tube Bender Is Mostly Preferred Over A Manual One As It Can Create More Accurate High-Quality Bends Without Any Errors. Each Component And Tooling Of The Machine Is Designed To Support The Pipe Bending Operation. These Machines Can Fit All Tube Bending Requirements At A Reasonable Investment.

Chapter 2. What Are Important Tools Used In A CNC Bender?

A CNC tube bender requires proper tools for effective performance. These tools are also termed dies and are vital for the functioning of a CNC tube bender. There are different tools having distinctive functions.

Here are some important components that play a major role in precise and finest bending:

  • Bend Die

The tool has a rounded shape and is responsible for determining the bend radius of a tube. The front portion of the bend die fits in the tube and holds it tightly during the operation. It is also attached to the clamp die to offer a firm grip over the tube.

The dies are also termed rotary dies and force the tube to bend at the desired area.

  • Clamp Die

The main purpose of these dies is to help bend dies by tightly gripping the tube even when the bend die is rotating. Holding the pipe in a fixed position is essential for proper bending operation. If not held properly the tube may slip and cause wrinkle and creases in the resultant bend.

  • Wiper Die

A wiper die is capable of preventing bending errors and offering efficient bending operations. It can remove inappropriate distortion to save the tube from collapsing, wrinkles, and creases. Mostly these errors are caused by friction between machine parts.

A wiper die is made of soft alloys i.e. aluminum to reduce rubbing of machine components. This will allow you to have smooth, precise, and even bend surfaces. Wiper dies used in CNC benders work in corporations with bend dies.

  • Interlock Mandrel

A mandrel dies also works along the wiper dies to create precise bends. The mandrel is fixed inside the tube that has to be bent. They offer protection to the tube interior during the bending process, and prevent tube wrinkling and collapse.

  • Pressure Die

A pressure die as the name suggests apply the force required to the pipe for accurate bending. 

To properly bend the tubes or pipes you need to exert optimal pressure. A pressure die is considerably larger and it can apply the appropriate amount of force that can accurately bend a tube. 

The pressure die controls the tube movement and exert the optimum force to make a curve without any errors. It can also eradicate tube distortion and deflection.


Chapter 3. What is the working principle of a CNC bender machine?

The CNC benders are electrically driven or are powered by using servo motors. Its software allows you to add all the desired information to the machine in form of alphanumeric data. You can adjust the feeding length, bend radius, rotating degree, bending angle for the bending operations.

After fixing the tube in the clamp dies you can start the process. The machine will execute the bending operations according to the information you provided. In a few minutes, you can get a perfectly bent tube with high-quality and precise curves.

A CNC bender can be used with different angle adjustments and offer multiple bends with varying dimensions at the same time.


Chapter 4. Is CNC pipe bending machine programming easy?

The CNC pipe bending machine is a computer-operated machine that is controlled by providing information to the machine through an easy computer program and software. The CNC pipe bending machine program is rather easy and convenient to operate.

You don’t have to learn any special skills to operate a CNC bender for high-quality operations. You just have to provide the input to the machine including, feeding length, revolving degree, and curving extent.

The machine starts working with this set of information and offers the most accurate bends with desired dimensions. The machine is also designed to save all the information you use in its memory and it can be used for many future operations without the need of putting input again and again.


Chapter 5. What are the benefits of a CNC pipe bender?

Recently, CNC pipe benders have become rather eminent. The machines are being used in various industries as a vital part of several applications. CNC tube bending machines are proficient in making high-quality and steady bends.

For their quality performance, these machines are preferred by several large and small-scale industries.

CNC tube benders depend upon the finest technology, making the bending process convenient and swift. They provide reliable and long-lasting performance, thus are an ideal investment.

Here are some advantages you can enjoy while using a CNC pipe bender.

  • Dependable Tube Bending Operations

By using a CNC pipe bender the tubes can be transformed to any shape without any defects. The CNC benders can save your time and investments, by preventing all possible bending errors. 

You can avoid tube collapse, wrinkling, and creases that are quite common in the case of a manual pipe bending machine. Each operation creates high-quality and premium bends. CNC tube bending machine is capable of multiple bends. Repeated processes are time and money-consuming, you can easily prevent it by using a CNC tube bender.

  • Maintains Tube Durability

A CNC pipe bender is preferred because of its capability to sustain the strength and durability of the pipes and tubes after the bending process. The bent pipes and tubes should be sturdy and strong as they are to be used in various industries for the manufacturing of several instruments i.e. playground or agricultural equipment and exhaust machines.

It is important to make sure that the pipe stays as sturdy as it was before the bending process. Inappropriate bends can make the pipes weaker, lowering their lifespan and reliability. 

The CNC benders maintain the strength of tubes for long-lasting performance.

  • A Large Number of Bending Designs

Pipe and tubes can be bent into a variety of shapes and designs. The pipe bending designs are determined by their requirement. 

The CNC pipe bender are designed to offer a wide range of shapes and sizes. You can form bends and curves on the pipe at different positions. The bending design is independent of bend radius, whether the bend radius is tight or loose, they can easily be fabricated.

  • Diversity of Applications

Bent pipes and tubes can be used in a vast range of companies that are needed in industrial or domestic surroundings. A CNC pipe bending machine is quite resourceful and can be used for several operations.

Chapter 6. How many types of CNC pipe bending machines are there?

A CNC tube bending machine is powered and controlled by using servo motors. Depending on the number of servomotors used in a machine it can be categorized as 2-axis or 3-axis tube bending machines. 

While based on tube diameter compatibility, you can get a small diameter CNC pipe bending machine as well. 

There is also double-head CNC tube ending machine which is capable of offering multiple operations well-suited with the different shapes at the same time.

  • 2-Axis CNC Pipe Bending Machine

A 2-axis CNC bender also known as a biaxial bender is one of the most common and economically preferred CNC pipe bending machines. They are designed to bend any pipe in X and Y directions. 

The angle movement and serving of this tube bending machine are driven by servomotors.

The pipe bending operation is completed by using oil cylinders. These cylinders are much more powerful, are quite reasonable, and also reduce noise pollution.

  • 3-Axis CNC Pipe Bending Machine

In a 3-axis CNC pipe bending machine all the functions including, bending, rotating, and power are controlled by servomotors. The servomotors can also manage the back and forth, plus the sideways movement of the bending tools, and also support the mandrel for quality bends.

Such machines are designed to provide exceptional bends at 3 programmable axes, even for the most challenging applications as well. These benders are highly accurate and prevent bending error to the most. 

They are also quite easier to control and manage with touch screen management the machine is assessable and has convenient software.

  • Small Diameter CNC Tube Bender

A small-diameter CNC tube bender is designed to work with smaller pipes and tubes. Many tubes bending processes deployed for automotive or medical industries work with tubes and pipes with extremely smaller dimensions.

You may come across various challenges during small diameter bending if is done using a regular CNC pipe bender. While bending such smaller pipes it becomes difficult to attain premium quality bends, i.e. precise, without wrinkles or creases, and free from buckles. That’s why it is practical enough to use a device exclusively created for such tubes.

  • Double-head CNC pipe bending machine

A double-head CNC tube bender is mostly used by industries with a heavy workload. The bender is designed with two heads to process two bends at the same time. Both of the heads can simultaneously work and offer multiple bends, for swift and accurate operations.

The double-head CNC tube bender has a modifiable bending angle. Both of the heads can be adjusted to work with similar or even at different angles. It will enable you to execute multiple bending operations at various angles.

The machine offers precise bends and contains supporting rods on both sides that monitor the tube arrangement and bending process. Double-head bending machines are being used in automotive industries for; seat frames, handles, and frames. 


Chapter 7. What are the advantages of using a small diameter CNC tube bender?

Small diameter CNC tube benders are quite popular and are being used in various industries. A small diameter bender is used exceptionally for pipes and tubes of smaller dimensions. It offers the following advantages: 

  • Offers the most precise bends for smaller tubes which isn’t appropriately achieved by general CNC tube benders.
  • These machines prevent bending errors i.e. wrinkles and creases, as these are common in small pipes
  • They work very fast and flexible
  • A small-diameter CNC tube bender offers extraordinary control and steadiness.

Chapter 8. How to find the right CNC tube bender?

A premium CNC bender machine should offer exceptional performance. Any wrong decision can waste your time and investment. That’s why you should think before selecting a CNC bender machine.

Here are some attributes to consider before buying:

  • Reliability and Precision

A better CNC bender machine creates the most accurate and high-quality bends. You should always consider a CNC pipe bender that is capable of persistent functionality.

You can find various models on the market with varying features, but only a high-end tube bender can provide the best operations. 

  • Predictable Output 

A premium CNC bender machine should offer exceptionally precise output. The proficiency of a CNC bender to produce an output is mostly termed as parts per hour produced. The output rate of a CNC bender depends upon many factors including; operator skills, tube diameter, tube shape, and the manufacturing capability of a pipe bending machine.

  • Scrap Production 

An important attribute to think about before selecting a CNC bender machine is the rate of scrap formation especially when using premium, expensive, and high-quality materials.

The scrap amount produced by a CNC bender depends upon the efficient performance of a machine. 

  • Cost 

Another important factor to think of before buying a CNC tube bender machine is its cost. As there are different CNC tube bender models on the market, they differ in price based on the offered features and the bender’s capacity.

You can look for a CNC tube bender that can offer desired features at a reasonable price. That’s why gather enough information before investing in a CNC bender.

  • Complexity

As technology advances, the demands of more complex bends are increasing drastically. Only some high-end CNC tube benders are capable of forming new and complex bends. If you require a machine that has higher compatibility with complex bending designs, consider looking for a model with such settings.

These benders allow the user to promptly and competently fix tooling, execute calculations, and meet demands for custom orders.


Chapter 9. What are the applications of CNC tube bender?

CNC tube benders are being used in several industries nowadays. The applications of these machines can be traced to automotive, aeronautics, and even architecture. 

CNC tube benders offer swift and precise bending operations, that’s why are preferred by most large-scale industries. Many smaller industries also use a CNC machine as it is quite easy to operate and offer multiple operations at the same time.

Here we have discussed all the fields and operations that require the use of a CNC bender:

  • Ship Construction
  • Workout equipment
  • Play area equipment
  • Refrigeration pipes, tubes, and other metal elements
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Tanks and steel vessel boosters
  • Industrial manufacture
  • Architectural operations
  • Furniture modules
  • Automotive industry and vehicles
  • Aeronautics and aerospace
  • Commercial vehicles

Chapter 10. What are precautions while using the CNC bender machine?

It is vital to always follow safety precautions to have high-quality results while ensuring the safety of your machine and tools. The precautionary measures allow you to maintain the genuine functionality and reliability of your CNC benders.

If you don’t properly care for your CNC bender machines, it is possible that the machine would be damaged, leading to a defective bending process. That’s why before operating a machine, you must be aware of all the information, regarding the proper method to use and care for it.

Here are some important safety precautions, you should follow while using a CNC bender machine.

  • Maintain the Machine’s Temperature 

In extremely cold temperatures you should try to keep your machine hot. Before using the machine you must heat it for more accurate and precise functioning. You can do it by simply letting it run for a few minutes.

When you set an empty machine to run, it will build up some heat. After maintaining the optimum temperature for the process you can start the bending operation, this will allow you to attain better results, as the CNC tube bender can now be used at its full potential. 

  • Lubricate the Machine

A pipe bending process requires the rubbing movement of the different machine parts. The back and forth movement can cause friction and damage the machine and create defective curves. To tackle such issues you must go for regular maintenance and service of your CNC tube bender. 

The dies and revolving parts of a CNC tube bender should be lubricated using any thick lubricant or oil to make their movements smoother than before. It will also allow you to prevent bending errors i.e. wrinkles and wall thinning.

  • Clean the Dust and Molds

After some time dust and molds start developing on your CNC bender. This can cut down the exceptional and reliable performance of the machine. Take proper care of your machine by regularly cleaning the dust and mold of the tools.

Make sure to clean the excessive lubricant as well, or it may develop molds that can be hard to remove. These molds not only damage the machine performance but also start deforming the outer main body of the machine as well.

You should always prioritize your protection over anything else. To ensure your safety and sustain the premium performance of your CNC tube bending machine, it is quite important to follow all the precautionary rules. 


Chapter 11.Conclusion

CNC tube bending machines are fully automatic machines that are operated using computer programs. These machines are quite eminent these days due to their convenient operations and use in a diversity of applications. We devised this article to provide all the information regarding a CNC tube bender, its functioning, and the things to consider before buying.

We hope this guide will help you learn and make better choices.