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  • Reasonable price for all machines
  • Stable performance proven by 100+ running projects
  • High bending precision (±0.01mm) and good repeatability
  • Bends no wrinkles
  • Easy for operation


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HIPPO is a leader in China’s CNC pipe bending machine manufacturing industry. Our cnc pipe bender is excellent in bending efficiency, bending accuracy, and operating system, and is widely used in the automotive industry. For some complicated pipes, such as automobile exhaust pipe(multi-radius), or some pipes the straight section between bends too short to be clamped, we can also handle it. At present, all of our CNC pipe benders are equipped with Japan’s Mitsubishi servo system to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the equipment.

We have small CNC pipe benders, 2-axis CNC tube benders, 3-axis tube bending machines, double-head automatic CNC pipe bending machines, anti-interference left and right pipe bending machine(designed for automobile headrests), and multi-stack tooling CNC pipe benders.

The pipe bending tools for each CNC pipe bending machine is customized according to your pipe material. A test video will be sent to you for confirmation before shipment. If you need a CNC tube bender, please contact us!

The Models We Offer

Small automatic pipe bending machine with good flexibility, fast bending speed and high work efficiency. It is mainly suitable for small pipes with diameter under 15mm.


Bending direction on the fly from LH to RH,avoid interference during the process,especially suitable for bending car headrest, fuel lines, heating, and cooling systems.

Best-selling model, max bending capacity: 38x2mm, widely applied in automobile, motorcycle, wheelbarrow, aluminum luggage frame, air conditioning,and so many other industries. 

Double head tube bending machine feeding controlled by 2 servo motors,  suitable for bending symmetrical products such as car seat frames, motorcycle bumpers, furniture chairs,etc.


It can be equipped with multi-axis servo motors, and multi-stack toolings can be installed to realize the bending of the same tube with different bending radii. Max Bending Capacity: 50x2mm


Human-machine interface dialogue operation, all parameter data can be input through the touch screen, and is equipped with a USB port. Suitable for processing medium-sized pipes within 63x3mm, like truck, medical equipment,fence,etc



1. The automatic loading and unloading racks can be customized for you, no need to manually feed one by one, reducing labor and improving production efficiency.

2. We can integrate automatic drilling, punching, cutting and roll-bending functions into the cnc pipe bender for you, so you don’t need to buy separate equipment.

3. We can upgrade to use IPC control system for you. The IPC system can simulate the pipe bending action, and can check whether there is interference according to the 3D simulation, so that we can adjust the pipe bending action, realize intelligent production and processing, and reduce the waste of pipes.

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We have rich experience in bending automobiles exhaust pipes, fuel brake pipes, air conditioning refrigeration pipes, mufflers, seat frames, headrests; motorcycles handlebars, bumpers, chassis; food processing equipment, such as milk sterilization equipment pipeline; iron, steel, aluminum furniture: office desks and chairs, student desks and chairs, beds, sofas, aluminum ladders; heat exchanger, HVAC and refrigeration pipes, street lights, fitness and leisure equipment,wheelbarrow, etc

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Frequently Asked Questions

The automatic CNC pipe bender replaces manual operation. All the parameters of the pipes are input to the PLC touch screen, and the CNC pipe bender realizes automatic feeding, rotation, and bending actions, saving labor.

The action of the automatic CNC pipe bender is controlled by servo motors. According to the number of servo motors, it can be divided into 2 axis, 3 axis, 4 axis, 5 axis, 6 axis and more.
The 2-axis CNC pipe bender is the most economical CNC pipe bender. Its feeding and angle rotation are controlled by servo motors, the pipe bending is controlled by an oil cylinder. The cylinder has more power and is cheaper.
The 3-axis means all the feeding, rotating, and bending actions are controlled by servo motors
In addition, the servo motor can also control up and down tool shifting change, left and right tool shifting, assist push, mandrel pull out, etc. If all servo motors are used for control, the CNC pipe bender will have higher accuracy, but the price is also very expensive

CNC tube bender adopts multi-axis linkage and servo drive control, the feeding tolerance can be guaranteed within ±0.1mm, and the angle tolerance within ±0.1mm. For CNC tube benders with more than 3 axes, the pipe bending accuracy can be guaranteed at ±0.1°.

For most pipe bending processing, many products have more than one bends, and multi-radius need to be bent. CNC tube bender can realize continuous bending of multiple R pipes, and the bending angle is consistent, the bending accuracy is high, which significantly improved production efficiency.

The program is very easy to learn. You just need to input feeding length, rotating degree, and bending degree. When we test running the machine, we can input all the parameters for you, the PLC will store these data, so when you use the machine, no need to input again, just choose from the stored data, this would be easier for your work.

PLC means “Programmable Logic Controller”, it is an editable control unit, you can input some parameters of the tube in the touch screen, for example, bending degree, feeding length and so on, then the machine will execute these instructions. It’s often seen in CNC tube benders.

The hydraulic oil is 46# abrasion-resistant hydraulic oil. 1 to 1.5 years to replace oil

Yes. We can upgrade the machine to use IPC control system, the CNC pipe bender will be supplied with a software design package. You can design your tubes in the software, then you don’t need to do manual programming.

Our CNC tube bending machine with PLC control does not have USB connection.
But if you need this function, we can upgrade to higher level IPC control, which has USB connection.

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