Automotive industry

The processing of automobile tubular parts(like exhaust pipes, fuel brake pipes, air conditioning refrigeration pipes, mufflers, seat frames, headrests, hood pillars, door lock levers, etc ) requires a pipe bending machine and a tube end forming machine.

Hippo Machinery provides fully automatic CNC bender machines and automated end former production lines to help you achieve competitive advantage in your production. Our pipe bending machine has high bending efficiency, good bending repeat accuracy and stable performance.  Our customers widely recognize our tube end forming machines because of their reliable structure and simple operation.

Project 1-Headrest tube bending

The main function of a car headrest is to increase safety. A car seat’s headrest can be an effective way to protect the head and neck of the passenger and driver in the event of a traffic accident, particularly when the car is rear-ended receiving as few injuries as possible. Early cars did not have headrests. As people pay more and more attention to car safety, car headrests have gradually become popular in cars as safety devices. Relevant national mandatory standards have strict regulations regarding the material, strength, energy absorption, location, and size of the car headrest.

The car headrest tube diameter is small, usually, 10-12mm, and the bending radius is also small, but the requirements for accuracy are very high.

HIPPO’s left and right pipe bending machine is specially designed to bend the headrest. This machine has no clamping device, no assist pushing device, and the structure is simple. It can be bent to the left or the right, solving the problem of interference of one-way bent. It is very flexible and the processing speed is also faster than the single-head CNC pipe bending machine.

Project 2-Anti-submarine seat tube bending

The purpose of the anti-submergence protection system (ASPS) is to prevent the vehicle occupants from sliding forward when the vehicle brakes suddenly. But the most important function of ASPS is that when the vehicle is subjected to a frontal impact, with the use of a seat belt, the person is restricted to the seat without sliding forward, which can reduce the greater injury caused by the human body sliding forward. This system cooperates with seat belts and auxiliary airbags to achieve complementary effects. There are many particulars about anti-dive design. For example, the angle should not be too large, which will affect the ride comfort; the angle should not be too small; too small will not play the role of anti-diving.


automotive anti-submarine seat tube bending

Project 3-Rear seat bending

Project 4-Truck bumper bending

Project 5-Seat backrest bending

automotive seat backrest bending

Project 6-Seat tube bending

automotive seat accessories tube bending

Project 7-Aluminum air conditioning tube end forming

This is our customized three stations tube end forming for aluminum air conditioning tubes. It adopts vertical tool shifting. 

automotive air conditioning tube end forming

Project 8-seat parts twin head end forming

seat parts end forming2
automotive seat tube1

The car seat tube has a thick wall, high mechanical strength, and a special transition R angle. HIPPO can realize one-time forming and processing of such pipe fittings to improve the forming quality and accuracy.

seat parts end forming 3
automotive seat tube1 (2)

Project 9-seat parts twin head end forming auto line

tube end reducing

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automotive seat tube bending 1
automotive seat tube bending 2
automotive seat tube bending 4
automotive seat tube bending 5
automotive seat tube bending 6