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- Xiaolan Wang(Founder)

Who We Are?

Hippo is a metal tube processing machinery manufacturer specializing in the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of pipe bending machines, tube end forming machines, pipe cutting machines, and chamfering machines. Our pipe bending machines include hydraulic pipe bending machine, twin head tube bending machine, CNC tube bender, and others. Based on the original technology, we continue to introduce advanced technologies and management methods at home and abroad.

Hippo focuses on providing reliable bending and end forming solutions for industries such as automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, fitness equipment, steel furniture, air conditioning, shipbuilding, boiler, petrochemical piping, sanitary equipment, etc.

Listening to your voice, implementing innovative values, providing advanced machine designs, and creating customer satisfaction is our pursuit.


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We focused on added value for the customers and making it visible. Those who order machines from us can rest assured that they’re getting a custom-made solution of the highest quality.

From design, manufacture, and installation to ongoing service and support, you can count on the HIPPO team to exceed your expectations at every step.


To ensure that our technology stays up to date, we often send our engineers to industry forums to learn and improve. When we design our machines, we will combine the latest technology with your needs to give you the most effective solution. And if you have any questions, our professional team will reply to you within 24 hours.


Our tube bending machines, tube end forming machines, and other machines have been CE certified and have obtained the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system standard to ensure 100% satisfaction and quality products for you. We can be your reliable partner in China and support your business 100%. If your project requires more stringent certifications, we will be happy to support you.


Hippo has a 2000 square meter manufacturing facility with advanced pipe bending machine manufacturing equipment, including high precision CNC machining centers, milling machines, CNC lathes, drilling machines, boring machines, sawing machines, etc. Our workers have accumulated a wealth of experience in manufacturing high precision parts.


We select only high-quality spare parts for our products to ensure stable quality. In our production, we use well-known brands for all electrical components (servo motors), hydraulic systems (solenoid valves), mechanical structures (linear guides), and software control components (PLCs). From raw materials to finished products, we pay attention to every detail.



You can test HIPPO pipe bending machines’ performance before the order is placed. This pre-purchase experiment will provide you an opportunity to know our machine specific application. We invite you to send us samples of your pipes with the drawing. We will gladly analyze your needs and send you a sample of the finished product for your approval.



The machine is like people, it needs rest and regular maintenance. We will pass on the experience we have summarized from long-term practice to you, this maintenance guide explains what you should do and why you should do it. By following a maintenance schedule, you can help prevent major problems before they occur.


In the event of a machinery failure or fault, we can have the necessary spare parts ready to ship on a 7-day basis if required. You can contact our sales team for the below spare parts. HSS saw blades, aluminum cutting saw blades, hydraulic cylinders, sealing rings, the whole set of bending tools include bending die, clamping die, pressure die, wiper die, different kinds of mandrel.


Our technicians are totally prepared to be sent to your factory to help with the installation assistance, so your production of new products can start speedily and reliably. All training programs include operation manuals and online video resources.


Interested to Be Our Distributor?

       Here are some benefits of being our distributors.

  • Over 14 years of professional experience
  • Free consultation and training
  • Customize your control system and print your own LOGO (OEM)
  • Competitive price
  • On-site installation assistance
  • Just-in-time delivery

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, we can use your control systems and print your logo on the machine, OEM is accepted for Hippo.

T/T or L/C, 30% as deposit, the balance need to be paid before delivery but after inspection.

Usually, it takes 30 working days for production.

The pipe bending machine HS-Code is 84622190; end forming machine HS-Code is 84629190; circular saw machine HS-Code is 84615000

Rich in overseas transaction experience, we have a full set of documentations, user manuals, assembly guidance all in ENGLISH.
You do not need to have any concern over language issues.

We can send our engineer installing and commissioning the machine, to guarantee the normal operation of the machine. Also, we will provide maintenance training when installing.

Machines will be tested for their performance by final quality control teams before delivery. And we will take videos and show you the running status.

Hippo machines are covered by a 2 year warranty from sale.
This warranty covers all manufacturing faults or defects. It does not cover the malfunctions or failures caused by your incorrect operations. The warranty is valid from the date of installation finish and machine normal working. During this period of warranty, if there is something wrong with the machine, we are responsible to provide project for solving this problem at the soonest, and help customers to restore production as soon as possible.
Also, lifetime maintenance and remote technical assistance can be available. As per our past experience, we do the maintenance by video or by other forms of easy-accessible media instructions and it is not complicated to follow the video instruction for minor repairing. We are fully prepared for any after-sale problems.

Yes, we update the video regularly, you can subscribe our YouTube Channel.

We manufacture tube processing machines that are mainly categorized into 3 types:
(1) Pipe Bending Machine
–Semi-auto hydraulic NC pipe bending machine
–Fully-auto CNC pipe bending machine
–Twin head pipe bending machine
–CNC left and right direction pipe bending machine
(2) Tube End Forming Machine(single station and multi-stations)
-Model:TM30, TM40, TM60, TM80, TM100
(3) Circular Saw Machine
-Hand operated circular saw machine
-Semi-auto pneumatic circular saw machine
-Semi-auto hydraulic circular saw machine
-Fully-auto CNC circular saw machine
-Semi-auto and CNC aluminum cutting circular saw machine

Our factory is located in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province.
It’s a city where top performance high-tech talents & high precision machining supports are more accessible.

On-site pipe bending machine running is available for observation should you book appointments with our sales representatives ( [email protected]) and advise your itinerary at least 10 days before your visit.
We will arrange a pick-up from where you arrive in Shanghai to our factory