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- Xiaolan Wang(Founder)


HIPPO is a proficient manufacturer for premium quality metal tubes fabricating machinery, focusing on research, development, manufacturing, retail, and service of a variety of processing machines covering from simple equipment to complex, fully automatic CNC driven or NC systems, i.e. pipe bending machines, tube end forming machines, pipe cutting machines, notching machines, and chamfering machines. 

With the support of our experienced team, HIPPO strive to offer exceptional services to our global customers. We continue to research and originate progressive technologies and organization methods to improve the quality and functionality of each machine. 

All of HIPPO machines are exclusively designed to offer reliable and long-lasting performance. Each model is equipped with a different set of features and characteristics i.e. size ranges, technique options, and material handling requirements, so that we can fulfill as much of the customer’s needs as possible.  We make every effort to create an incredible range of speed, precision, and cost-effectiveness for your production.

If you are looking for reliable pipe bending and end forming solutions for your applications (automobiles, fitness equipment, steel furniture, air conditioning, shipbuilding, boiler, petrochemical piping, sanitary equipment, lighting, farming, furniture, fencing, heating, and refrigeration, etc ), send us inquiry now!


Factory Tour

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Your Reliable Tube Fabrication Partner in China

HIPPO is continuously focused on offering the most exceptional services to our customers. We monitor every step of the machine manufacturing procedure, from design, manufacturing process, installation to ongoing after-sales service and support. We allow you to obtain advantages from our tube processing machine purchase to the maximum extent.


Qualified Sales Team

To keep up with modern technology, and improve our services accordingly, our engineers visit various industry forums to learn and develop innovative ideas to stay progressive. We use this knowledge and contemporary technology to design our machines, so they can be more effective and functional regarding your latest applications.Our customer support team is always keen to help in any matter possible. You can acquire installation and training services, or warranty conditions and terms in case of any damages.

CE & ISO Certificated

Our tube fabrication machines are all CE certified. We also have attained the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system standard to certify your absolute satisfaction. With our premium quality products and CE & ISO certification, we can guarantee premium services. HIPPO can support any tube processing business, by being a dependable partner in China. Even if you want some more strict authorizations, we can support that as well.

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Progressive Facility

HIPPO tube processing machines manufacturing facility stretches over to 2000 square meters. We have the most modern technology and equipment for the exceptional machine manufacturing process. Our facility contains advanced high accuracy CNC machining centers, milling machinery, CNC lathes, drilling equipment, boring machines, sawing machines, etc. Our staff has gathered experience and knowledge for manufacturing high precision tube fabricating machines using this high-end equipment and material.

Finest Quality Raw Material

We collect the finest-quality and high-performance spare parts to ensure the quality and reliability of our machine. We only use some well-known brands for our spare parts, including electrical supply components (servo motors), hydraulic systems (solenoid valves), mechanical structures (linear guides), and software control components (PLCs). We carefully monitor the whole production process from raw materials to the final product.

All Inquiries

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