3 Ways To Teach You Buying Pipe Benders In China

It is almost a known fact that Chinese-made pipe benders have a high price/performance ratio, and many foreign customers will purchase equipment from China as their first choice. But the Chinese market is full of manufacturers, prices vary, how can we purchase a suitable pipe bending equipment? Let me tell you about it.

From its own perspective.

1. Provide the supplier with as much information as you can in the first place, such as pipe material (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.); pipe cross-section (round, square, angle iron, etc.); pipe outer diameter; pipe wall thickness; bending radius; bending angle; the number of elbows (how many elbows does a pipe have?) Is there a spatial corner? The drawings; any requirement on the yield and so on, so that the supplier could understand your needs in-depth and recommend the right model.

2. To determine the type of pipe bender, would a hydraulic semi-automatic is sufficient to meet production needs, or want a fully automatic one to save labors?

3. Usually, pipe bender manufacturers have varieties of products, there are tailor-made machines and compatible machines. Whether to buy a universal compatible machine, to meet their own processing of all products, or to select a tailor-made machine, to produce only one product, this should be combined with future production needs comprehensive consideration.

4. Test the machine performance with samples as much as possible.

From a supplier perspective.
1. As far as possible, select suppliers with mature technology and stable quality who can provide one-stop pipe bending, cutting and forming services. A stable supplier will allow you to make fewer mistakes and take fewer detours in production.

From the point of view of the equipment itself.

1. Mould material. The materials are usually 45#, Cr12, industrial nylon, 42MrMo, copper, etc. The cost of different materials varies little. The choice is mainly based on the material of the bend and the difficulty of the bend, the smaller the bend radius, the more mandrel balls, the higher the requirements for the wear resistance of the mold, so the better material. All our HIPPO bending tools are made of 42MrMo, vacuum hardened and nitrided to ensure hardness and toughness.

2. Measure the main parameters of the equipment, leave the equipment in the state of empty operation, touch each module block with your hand, there should not be any jittering, otherwise, it is considered a substandard product.


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