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HIPPO Machinery is an eminent manufacturer of the most exceptional metal processing machinery in China. For all of these years, HIPPO has been specialized in the finest quality and cost-effective machinery including pipe bending machines, tube end forming machines, and circular saw machines.

We continue to revolutionize and adapt to modern technology by manufacturing fully automated CNC metal tube processing machines to improve the precision and steadiness of your production.  By prioritizing your needs, our HIPPO team can create total engineering i.e. integrated systems of multiple processing machines, to offer you an efficient production process.

HIPPO keeps improving in regards to product quality i.e. longer life span and performance, plus client services subsequently having hundreds of contented customers.

With a comprehensive discussion, you will be provided with machines perfectly compatible with your requirements, contact us now!

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HIPPO is a one-stop solution expert for any kind of metal fabrication process. Here we develop and deal with the whole range of premium quality tube fabrication machines including both CNC and NC pipe bending machines, twin head tube bending machines, end forming machines, manual and hydraulic circular saw machines, CNC aluminum cutting machines.

You can always rely on our all-rounder pipe and tube processing solutions that can certainly satisfy your requirements. With our premium technology, you can relax and let us handle the quality of your operations.

Pipe Bending Machine

HIPPO pipe bending machines are designed by our experienced team after considering the leading trends, innovative standards, and customer requirements. Our wide variety of pipe bending machines offer efficient and highly precise performance with the capability to create the specific bend radius and angle you require. 

HIPPO pipe bending machines can manipulate a tube or pipe with a capacity from 3mmm to 129mm. With an extensive range of functions, programmed procedures, and proficient production techniques, our pipe bending machines are quite eminent. You can use it for automotive, motorcycle, HAVC, shipbuilding industries.

We deal with a range of tube and pipe bending machines such as NC and CNC benders, Multi-stack CNC bender, Mandrel bender, and Twin head tube bending machines.

pipe bending
tube end forming

Tube End Former

HIPPO tube end forming machines are capable of precise operation corresponding to the customer’s requirements. Our end formers with a 200mm end forming capacity have compatibility with a range of diameters and applications. 

Our end-forming machine can carry out swaging, reduction, expansion, flaring, flanging, beading, bulging, chamfering, rounding, tapering, and many other designs with good repeatability. You can use it for the processing of furniture, automobile air conditioner, and fuel pipes.

We offer dedicated solutions with our range of end forming machines such as twin head tube end formers and customized end formers which can be modified according to the customer’s demands.

Circular Saw Machine

HIPPO circular saw machine is a prominent cutting and processing machine, capable of the most accurate and high-quality operations. With a max 150mm cutting ability the machine can help you create burr-free cuts with almost ±0.05 high accuracy. 

Our exceptional circular saw machine can easily cut through a variety of materials in an instant, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized pipes, regardless of their shape. The machine can effectively function with round, square, or even rectangular shapes. 

We deal with manual, semi-auto, and fully automatic CNC circular saw machines to help you attain high-quality and durable cuts.

pipe cutting
aluminum profile cutting

Aluminum Cutting Machine

With years of tube fabrication experience, we HIPPO team has designed exceptional performance aluminum cutting machines, by monitoring modern trends and using innovative technology. Our premium aluminum cutting machines are being used in a variety of industries for precisely sawing and processing of softer materials including aluminum, copper, and many other non-ferrous metals at different angles.

HIPPO aluminum cutting machines exhibit the finest quality and are capable of offering high dependability, complete safety assurance, high sawing proficiency, easy maintenance, and low functioning expenses. We deal with exceptional pneumatic and CNC aluminum cutting machines for convenient and reliable operations.










Fitness Equipment

Fitness Equipment



Why HIPPO Is Trusted By 100+ Clients

Innovative Technology

With the introduction of more specialized contemporary techniques, we constantly strive to improve our products in accord with modern technology and innovative applications. HIPPO team of professionals monitors the latest techniques and successfully develops customized machines for various large-scale industries. Our innovative, as well as vintage tube processing machines, help in mass production and better operations.

Premium Quality

HIPPO strictly monitors and sustains product quality by using ISO quality systems. Each product is designed with high-end material and technology, plus is effectively examined with a quality assurance system to confirm the product features. Exceptional quality tube processing machines are capable of offering precise operations, high reliability, and easy maintenance.


HIPPO with help of the experienced team has devised many customized machines for our customers. We are deeply devoted to comprehending the requirements of our valued customers. After a detailed conversation with some end-users, we create exclusive solutions based on our clients’ requests using our creative constructive experience and contemporary technology.

Reasonable Price

HIPPO offers premium quality and exceptional customized tube processing machines for large-scale to complete mass production and also for small-scale industries for smaller but swift production. High performance at a reasonable price is what we attempt to achieve for the convenience of our customers.

Fast Delivery

Our regular machines have sufficient inventory, which allows us to ship them quickly. For customized machines, thanks to our engineers’ years of experience, we can also design solutions in the shortest time and put them into manufacturing.

Exceptional Customer Service

HIPPO prioritizes our customer’s requirements. We design machines using innovative technology according to our customers’ needs. On top of that, we are eager to answer any queries regarding our products, or services. You can ask us anything, anytime. Our team is always energetic and will surely guide you accordingly.

Our Client Say

"HIPPO is a very proactive supplier with fast response, very experienced and professional, and the pipe bending machine price is reasonable. The tube bending machine is now working in our workshop and it performs very well."
Sergey Zherebtsov
Project Manager, Russia
"Since I purchased the first pipe bending machine from HIPPO, I have never changed my supplier. As of today, this machine is still working fine. I am very satisfied with HIPPO's high quality, timely delivery, fast and flexible service. I certainly recommend HIPPO. "
Max Jaber
Factory Owner, Saudi Arabia
"We have been working with HIPPO for many years and have witnessed its expertise in the field of metal tube processing. The advice HIPPO provides throughout the collaboration process is valuable. Our cooperation is smooth and enjoyable."
Don Samrous
Engineer, Cambodia

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bend drawing oil

Tube Bending Drawing Oil

Bend oil is also called bend drawing oil, which is the lubricating oil used in all kinds of draw bending processes. As an auxiliary material,